Day 23 :: Time to be Intentional with your Schedule…

I’ve always been a calendar girl- wait not that kind of calendar girl, but thanks for the thought! Since I was a teenager, I liked writing down my assignments, plans and birthdays to remember in a planner or on a calender. Looking back now, they form a diary of sorts.

In my most recent years I’ve done well and not so well with keeping track of all.the.things. I’ve tried monthly calendars and weekly calendars and to-do lists and everything in between. I’ve drooled over this girl’s planner and this one too.

Being the mom of a teenager meant I was gifted with managing his schedule as well. Running a sewing business meant keeping track of those appointments too not to mention family obligations, meal planning, church things…the list grows…and grows…until it’s running me instead of me controlling it and I’m left feeling less than peaceful. I’m feeling like y’all may be with me on this one…! Am I right?

disorder and peace

On the days when my mind was full to the brim I resorted to the brain dump and just listed out all the tasks on a page (or 2) in my notebook but didn’t really know how to plug them into the planner…Then I read this article at the beginning of the month…

I love how it sums it all up at the end with 6 simple things we can do to have less stress and be more organized:

  1. Get your to-do’s out of your head and onto one document.
  2. Lock in your calendar and set alarms so you don’t need to think about what’s next.
  3. Use “batching” and filters so you only get the info you need when you need it.
  4. Opt for “good enough” on the little decisions so you can focus on the big ones.
  5. Regularly capture, triage and prioritize new items.
  6. Have a “War Room” that contains what you need — and nothing else.

And just like that, things started clicking… Those brain dump lists were right on. So I color coded one of those lists (because you know I am all about some highlighters..) and plugged the items into the ol’ planner. Blue for the boy, pink for Recollected Design, and since green= go, I used that color for things that needed immediate action…


When God wanted to bring order out of chaos and create the universe, He spoke, “Let there be light!” ~ Kerri Weems

…Or, in my case, let there be color!

Because I’m always afraid of forgetting an appointment and according to the article I use up brain power with the looping reminder to myself not to forget, I decided to use my smart phone’s calendar/alarm for stuff I really didn’t want to slip through the cracks. Done. I am now a freer person to think and create! Or at least I am until that bell rings…!

I also created a “war room” of sorts by making myself a binder for the business at the urging of my best girl/business cheerleader and I streamlined my sewing area so getting down to business was a little easier. {More on that one soon, hopefully- it’s on the list..!} Though I’m still working through the other suggestions from that article, just with these few things I’m slowly implementing, I’ve been much more relaxed/un-phased when life throws curve balls…like last weekend.

And in terms of opting for “good enough”, well the dust bunnies under my couch can probably speak for themselves on that one. But the bathroom is always clean and the dishes don’t hang out past one night…usually. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles.


It can be so easy to take the planning to the extreme and though it’s good to be organized, it’s shouldn’t be a power struggle between you and God…Feeling the need to have excessive control over our schedules versus just putting some systems or routines into place to make things go smoother is a probably a little red flag…

Most people see being organized as a strength- and it is- but any overused strength turns into a weakness. ~ Kerri Weems

I’ll never be a totally Type A organized person. But I’m finding through doing this 31 days writing series I’m gaining some DISCIPLINE that I reallllly needed and it’s been such a blessing in my life going through these topics and getting my own ‘house’ back in order. And to think, it all started with a list- a fast and loose outline- to see if I could even come up with 31 things to write about on the same topic for 31 days…but now armed with my road map of sorts there’s no looking back.

Some times all you need is just one goal -big or small- to get you started rolling towards the next.

Inevitably we may still face this:

I hate it when I plan my day and no one else follows the script…

But you have to let some things just happen and push through. Bounce back and try not be too hard on yourself and others. Resilience is a most admired quality to possess- according to those Shark Tank people..!

And above all keep in mind that GOD has the ultimate map for your life.

For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. ~ Jeremiah 29:11

What’s your best tip for keeping your life organized? Do you use a planner? Do tell!

To see all my posts for the 31 days challenge click here to get to the home page.

6 thoughts on “Day 23 :: Time to be Intentional with your Schedule…

  1. Linda Nuckols says:

    Hey Girl! Speaking of plans….isn’t there a country song with the lyric, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans!” Yep there is…it’s title is “Get Right With the Man” by Van Zant! It’s good to have plans, but it’s also good to be flexible and not to get upset if the plans get changed. I am still having difficulty with that sometimes. I am no where near as organized as you are…. I wonder where you got that from! ~ I am loving your blog, Dear Daughter & I will miss reading it every day when this month is over! I guess I’ll just have to start rereading the previous entries!! Keep up the good work!


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