Day 24 :: Intentional Wording

I like words and I love quotes. Funny, serious, doesn’t matter. I’m a fan. And I’ve got a Pinterest board full of them to prove it…not to mention several notebooks of little blurbs and text and scriptures I don’t won’t to forget because I love God’s word most of all.

Words are powerful and dangerous. What we say and how we say it is always worth being intentional about.

Words are wonderful – to hear the right thing at the right time is a beautiful uplifting thing. On the flip side I’m sure you all know what it’s like to be hurt by them too.

So I challenge you today, to use your words wisely. If someone does something nice for you tell them. Now. Quick! Hurry! Or if someone looks like they could use some encouragement, make haste with a funny quote, a hilariously captioned cat picture or an uplifting scripture.

Words are so versatile too because not only can they be spoken, but they can be written… So many people send emails these days instead of buying stamps but I’ve always been a fan of letters.

Love letters, poems and cards can be read and re-read over and over until the creases and folds are permanently etched into the paper just as the written words settle themselves in your heart.

I think there’s just something beautiful and organic in that process with which email just can’t compare. Maybe we should start a movement to bring back the art of letter writing…?! Sending off more encouraging snail mail could just be the ticket to revive the business of the post office as well as offer a diversion from the bulk contents of bills and junk in our mailboxes. Besides who wouldn’t like to find a little more fun in their P.O. box?


{image via The Graphics Fairy}

So do you do you need to tell somebody thank you? Do you need to say I love you? Do you need to humbly offer I’m sorry? Use your words. Tell somebody or write it out and mail it off. Use a clever quote or a meaningful verse if you just can’t find just the right thing to say. 

Don’t wait til it’s too late. Don’t wish you had sent that card. Don’t think that you’ll be considered weird. {You’re not!} Do it now. Do it afraid. DO it often.

How will you use your words intentionally today?

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{image via The Graphics Fairy}

13 thoughts on “Day 24 :: Intentional Wording

  1. You are never just talking to yourself dear girl. I read every post of yours. I loved this one. My birthday was on the 12th and last night I reread some of the cards from kids and grandkids. I have cards for years that I keep and read every once in awhile. One year I sent out 365 thank you cards which was a neat experience. For you I want to say you are a Dear Friend even though we have never met. I can catch a glimpse of your heart through your post and comments. Maybe like an online daughter you are. Thank you Heather! 🙂


    1. Awww you’re a sweetheart : ) Thank you : ) 365 thank you cards is an awesome idea!! Wheels are turning here! I feel the same kinship with you too Levi! I keep my cards and letters too- some days they are the best encouragement- just like your comments! Have a fabulous Friday! Hopefully Caleb is on the mend?


      1. Keep youre prayers for Caleb coming if you would. After yesterday they are still uncertain of cancer. The final results not in yet but intial tests showing a posibility. Still in gray area.


  2. As usual girl, your words speak volumes. I agree that email takes the “personal” out of contacting someone. You are an inspiration and I love your blog. Bless you girl!!!


  3. I love letter writing! I’m always sending out letters to friend s and family to love on and encourage them. I love when I get mail back but I also love simply writing and knowing I’ve brightened their day.


    1. me too! I had a pen pal in Iowa when I was a kid so I think that started it all! Although I’m guilty of not doing it as much lately so I guess maybe I was talking to myself more than anything! haha! : ) And I think I might try the thank you card thing– but I might have to start slow at one per week!


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