Day 29 :: Shine a Light Intentionally

I write to you today from the front lines of the lady bug invasion of 2014…it seems the sudden shift in weather has caused them to search for higher ground? Namely, our house. I’m not sure how long we can hold them back… Has anyone else prevailed in this battle???


Since writing about seeking the light a week or so ago in this little series I am still stuck on the idea of light. Or maybe it was still stuck on me. Sometimes in idea or theme or word will take hold and for days on end, I see it everywhere. In the Goodwill, on TV, tucked into whatever I’m reading. It’s like it’s being reinforced until I completely learn all about it or fully come to terms with it and then it fades to the background again.

It’s one thing to seek the light. We can be committed to actively reading the Word and listening to Jesus but it’s a totally different thing to carry it around and shine it on others. Are we living out that love and light? Maybe you don’t feel like light because you don’t lead a ministry or haven’t written a book or can’t sing or do anything that seems important or original from a human perspective. But I’m here to say, yes you ARE light.

Not everyone has to be the source of light–the reflectors are equally as important. The lamp in a lighthouse would be no where near bright enough without the mirrors and shiny steel all around it that catch the light and bounce it back magnifying the source of that one tiny light…

two ways to be light

So today as I’m reflecting on all this I wanted to share some links to articles and things and people who are great examples of light- whether flame or reflector their warmth is felt.

This gal always warms my heart…this post in particular spoke to me- it’s not about how many people we reach with whatever God calls us to do {Amen}, it’s that we DO whatever HE puts in front of us to do that makes it a success…

This lady shines so bright with her cuffs— words y’all and you know how much I love words

You already know my ♥ for this woman’s writing as well…She’s a light shiner and reflector in every sense of the word…

Let there be light!

That’s what God said.

And light began shining and then started to spread.

In flickers and flashes,

In spills and in splashes,

Shine began shining across nothing but blackness.

Light glared and glimmered.

It flared and sparked.

And wherever light shined,

Dark stopped being dark.

(selected from Let There Be Light by Matthew Paul Turner)

How will you shine or reflect light today?

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