Day 31 :: What You Carry with You

I’ve seen posts on different blogs of what us gals carry in our purses. Just like outfit posts I think we women are intrigued with other’s bags and contents too. It seems we all are curious to know how our neighbors live and decorate and dress. Maybe we’re really looking for the common ground… looking to see that we’re not alone and that someone likes the same type of flowery scarf or wallet that we do…

So for the last day of this glorious 31 days of writing I thought I’d focus on what we carry with us (hang in there gentlemen! I’m not just talking handbags…!) but in case you’re wondering, here’s what’s in my purse…

purse 2

The fallout…

Coupons, keys, wallet, zipper pouch of bobby pins-chap stick-nail clippers- and a tape measure… sunglasses, checkbook, pens, business cards, phone (not pictured because it’s taking the picture!), pepper spray, a small notebook and my planner.

I find it funny that as a teen I was never really into carrying a bag and if I did, it was a teeny tiny thing. But as I’ve grown up through my 20’s and now in my 30’s the size of my purse has grown as well… If this trend continues, in 20 more years I will be carrying a pocketbook roughly the size of a duffle bag… Seriously think of the size of your grandma’s purse– and the multitude of useful items it contains…

But it makes me think of other stuff we carry with us. Do we drag around hurts? Criticisms? If we do, we should let them go. Send them packing. Is there anger we’re toting around? Do we carry guilt or shame? The only way to live is to intentionally give all that baggage up to God. 

Remember sheep are not load bearing animals

Wouldn’t we be lighter if we carried around rejoicing? And Peace. And Hope. And Goodwill towards men? (can you tell I’ve been hit with a taste of Christmas spirit already- I blame practicing for the choir cantata…!) What if we carried beauty and generosity? What if we carried light?

I have to share with you the good news from a fine friend of his son’s deliverance from a lymphoma diagnosis. I feel like shouting from the mountain tops just how good God is.  All week I’ve been thinking on a sermon I heard Sunday night that whether we are healed or not has no bearing on us entering heaven. We can get there sick or broken as long as we have our salvation. Health and healing is a desirable thing, but it isn’t being saved the most important thing…? Food for thought and I’m still chewing on it…

Psalm 27

I’ve enjoyed doing this challenge so much this month because it’s caused me to look at so many areas of my life and really ask myself some hard questions! It was the kick in the pants to think about why I do the things I do, how could I do some things better and what I need to really be focusing on. Please tell me you guys have enjoyed the ride as well?!? Is there anything you stopped doing or started doing along with me? What was your favorite post? Inquiring minds are dying to know…!


SO, this weekend I will be loading up with my best girl and carrying these pretties to the Manakin Fall Festival– and if you’re anywhere near our neck of the woods, I invite you to come out and have some FUN with us. For the 4-1-1 click here.

ruffles bracelets and pillow

pillow collage

aprons & bunting

 Rain or shine, come have a good time!! 

Thus ends my commercial!


Happy Weekend Y’all!!

 To see all my posts for the 31 days challenge click here to get to the home page.

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