Embrace the Quirk…

Now that it’s December, we can officially begin talking about Christmas… I like my holidays to be separate, so I made a rule a long time ago that I wouldn’t decorate for Christmas until December. Except that it always takes my holiday radar a little longer than normal to hone in– my biological clock is pretty slow moving too– so instead of decorating for Christmas just yet, I’m still tweaking the sewing area…

After the craziness of Thanksgiving and the couple of weekends before I needed a day to putter around the house and put holes in the walls and just feather my nest a little. Plus I’m still divided on how I’m gonna decorate anyway… blue and white again or red and green? Poinsettias and ribbon or ?? This could take a while to reason out… but a couple of good workouts and I should have a workable plan. Do you guys find it true that when you are doing something else mundane your mind tends to work out other little problems you had been ruminating on for a while?? 

I got to thinking today that I’ve been waiting so long for God to work some things out and I was terribly discouraged last night feeling defeated at every turn and it dawned on me that the earth is continually turning – even though I don’t see it move or feel it- but it’s spinning as sure as the day is long.

Isn’t God the same? We don’t always see the changes immediately but rest assured He is on the move. A comforting thought if there ever was one. As I looked back in my calendar last night planning the week ahead, I noticed that in January I made note of my word for the year which was HOPE. Somewhere along the way I think I lost it, but I declare that for the rest of December and then on out I will resurrect it. That’s what advent and this Christmas season is all about.

Hope came in the form of a baby born to be a savior for a nation.

A crazy quirky plan that no one expected.

Last night, in an effort to kick start hope by getting some things accomplished, I knocked this baby out… I think I have ruffle fever (or I may just have a cold coming on…)


Once I got all my sewing/business/crafty accouterments in order from this post, oh about a month ago now, I’d been itching the bring a little peace to this side of the room. Yes I understand I got a little crazy by hanging things on the wall above, but FLAMINGOS y’all… besides who wouldn’t be inspired when they have a pink flamingo painting from the Goodwill hanging in their work space. I’m here to tell you EMBRACE the QUIRK. If it makes you happy, just roll with it. Life’s too short to be boring…  Maybe I’m just on a high from reading Bob Goff’s book “Love Does”. (I think it may be a game changer, but I’m only 1/4 of the way through so far… so I’ll keep you informed.)

The lowdown: strips of a twin flat sheet ripped and ruffled and sewed to a flat rectangle piece roughly the size of my bookcase and attached with velcro. When I’m ready to work it comes off in half a second and I’ve got instant access to all.the.things again. It is not perfect…nothing and no one in this house is! I didn’t notice it until I was done and my back was aching… but oh well, see above ^^^ notes on quirkiness…

So, maybe I’m a little slow on the Christmas upswing because I take a little longer to get my ‘house’ {literally and figuratively} in order before doing it up for the holidays. It’s not a bad thing if you are too. There’s really no right or wrong.

What are you up to today? Are you guys decked for Christmas already? Do you have some favorite quirky decoration? Let’s hear it!

7 thoughts on “Embrace the Quirk…

  1. Well, get going girl. Lol There’s no hurry, yet. I am sure you will make it. I’m happy you are thinking of “hope”. Without it all is useless it would seem and we have great hope. I have put our large 5 foot wreaths on the house and they look great. I’m bypassing the lights this year because I don’t have the time. I usually put up about 5,000 feet and I won’t be here most of the month to maintain them. Get in the mood. Lol Have a great day, Heather.


    1. Five foot wreaths!!! Sounds awesome!! We need pics!! haha! Yeah we haven’t ever done lights in this house. I did once about 10 years ago and they stayed up there til summer…soooo maybe I’m not the right person for lights..LOL..! I’m getting there! You have a good one too Levi!

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  2. Heather,
    What beautiful encouraging words you left on my blog today — thank you! I LOVE what you said about waiting so long for God to work some things that are on your heart, but you are trusting that he is on the move and at work even when we don’t see yet a sign of it. I’m right there with you! 🙂 And I like all the ruffles you whipped up!


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