Workspace Wednesday: Open for Business, Closed to Clutter

Since I’ve really starting working on the sewing side of Recollected Design I knew I needed a streamlined work space. I already had a sort of dedicated space… called the dining room… use what ya got right?


…the starting point…when it was actually used for eating… and by the way I really miss my little black pedestal table I sold in a fit of passion at a yard sale…


Moving on…this has been a fun but ongoing project. I just kept rolling through incarnations waiting for that one ‘aha’ moment to signal that I’d found ‘the’ one…

Here’s a few trial and error looks to refresh your memory… {Decorator’s secret: you will not get it right the first time. Or even the second time. But practice does make progress…}


… I still get a little claustrophobic when I look at that one…

PicMonkey Collage

Better… but still not the right flow… I had to reach behind myself all the time for thread and that just wasn’t cutting it… {pun intended…You’re welcome…}


Finally I regrouped and started over by putting my cabinet turned bookcase back on the wall by the door…

And I snapped pictures for critiquing because sometimes you can see much better in pictures than you can in person…the old can’t see the forest for the trees bit I suppose…


At this point I was still finishing sorting…so pay no attention to the junk on the table… but the top of the cabinet/bookcase/shelf thingy still bothered me…

So I walked away…for probably a month…or more… and let it simmer…

Until this weekend when I remembered I still had that floor lamp sequestered in the attic… and I finally got down to this:

cart corner 2014

Aha! I’ve got tunes, good smells via my Yankee candle, a locker basket as a holding area for the next projects to be tackled, a space to charge the phone, and inspiration from my collage.

(P.S.: is anyone else thrown off by the getting dark at 5pm thing… It’s not conducive to me being able to get good pictures in my little cave…so I apologize, I’m still learning…!)

sewing cart

Sewing cart loooove… nope still haven’t painted it red… everything in due time right…? This works on so many levels– for one, I’m right handed, so when I’m sewing at the table all my most used tools are at my right. It only took me 3 tries to figure that one out… Secondly this room can still function as a dining room when we have birthdays or holiday dinners because I can easily ROLL that entire cart into another room and voila! we have extra space around the table!

wm fabric cab

The linen cabinet turned kitchen cabinet turned fabric cabinet is still holding it’s own but just on the opposite side of the room. Fun fact: this cabinet is on it’s third color and owned by a third generation! The glass that broke long ago has been replaced by chicken wire. Have I mentioned that I ♥ old things?

The only thing left to do is to make a skirt like this for the bookshelf because I am all about a ruffle right now…!

summer fun-westerville show 037

{image via Bella Studio}

To tone it down a little, I’ll use a bunch of cream colored sheets I have been hoarding…

skirt case

Future planning….To be Continued…

I’d love to know what makes a productive work space for you guys?

Are you all about color or does is need to be calm? Details!??


9 thoughts on “Workspace Wednesday: Open for Business, Closed to Clutter

  1. Hey, I recognize that rolling sewing cart…it used to be in my kitchen long ago before we had cabinets & counters! And the black cabinet was white and in my bathroom when I was a little girl in NC! Oh, but you know that already. Love the ruffled skirt on the cabinet that came with your house! May you continue to make many more beautiful things in that work space. You are a talented lady!


  2. not sure if you mean in my shop or in my study but I set them both up similarly. Clean desk/bench space and all of my tools, books, computers very near by. In my study with over 5000 books traveling the room is necessary. Have a nice evening Little Miss Organized.. Me too. Lol 🙂


  3. Thanks for visiting at The Little Farm Diary! I just wanted to stop by your place and I’m so glad I did! Your workspace is coming right along! I love it- especially that rolling cart!!!! Us vintage girls just have to stick together!


    1. Eeek!! I’m so excited you stopped by too!! Vintage gals unite!! (truth be told I’m still scrolling through all your blog goodness and drooling over all your pictures…!) Thank you for the compliments Miss Amy! Have a fabulous day!


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