A Winter Work Space … In Me and my House

All year long thus far, and all last year it seems I’ve been pursuing the perfect work space. Newsflash: it will never truly be perfect this side of heaven. On my snow day a couple weeks ago, I declared war on the walls, conquered clutter by purging no less than 6 bags full of stuff slated for donations and I think I finally came up with something I can work with…

Allow me to introduce, well, me for starters on this VIDEO….what? Did I just write video? What is the world coming to… Bless you for watching this herky-jerky attempt! I thought it would be fun and different…

Observations after watching said sad attempt at video taken by my iPhone:

1. At certain points I sound like my mama… however this is nothing new–my friends had a hard time telling us apart when they called the house when I was in school.

2. Y’all……nothing like hearing yourself talk to realize how much you over use certain words when you talk y’all….

3. There is a towel on the floor for our snowy shoes and a cymbal stand waiting for repair in the corner in front of my ruffly shelf…why I did not move these things, I’ll never know… maybe I just like to keepin’ it real for you…

4. There is a cat at the end. Bathing. I apologize.

5. Lighting is your friend… next time around (if there is a next time..) I’ll get more…

So yeah, this is what I do when I’m bored and it keeps on snowing!

Moving on…

It’s going to snow again.

Moving waaaay on…

I knew this rendition of my work area was productive because I made curtains for the drum room! Actually I cheated just a little and split one really wide panel I had thrifted way back when in half and hemmed the cut edge. Only took me 2 years and 45 minutes…!

In other news, doodles…


Inspired by Jeanne Oliver’s Becoming series which just finished up (sniff sniff..) and new pens from Christmas, I have been up to this. Now if I could just get a clue what to do with it…

And more and more I’m honing in on this fact:

nothing in us

A couple of weeks ago as I started watching one of the last Becoming videos I had my own little come to Jesus moment as the verse Mary Krause spoke about in her video played right along with the Jesus calling devotion of that day. Funny thing is she had taped her video weeks before and no one had a clue that it would land on the same day as the devotional that dug into the same verse. Some would beg coincidence but I know better.

It’s Christ IN us that makes us able. That establishes us. That gives us credibility and ability to do the things we’re called to do.

Like leading contemporary worship… [gulp.] We had another service last Saturday and it was so fun even without having our full band this time but I still feel SO awkward. I think I need more Jesus! I’m sure that only He can help me say “y’all” less as I’m up there chatting between songs or making videos…!

SO what have you been up to my friends? (see it’s already working!)

Let’s chat!

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11 thoughts on “A Winter Work Space … In Me and my House

  1. Heather, you did great with the video! You also did a fine job with the contemporary service. I’ll make you a DVD of it when I get the time. Thanks for sharing your space with us all & I always enjoy your blog. Hopefully no more snow will come our way!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heather,
    I loved the video! I loved seeing your workspace but what was even better was reading your self-review afterward — and very funny about the cat bathing — I thought maybe it was a ferret or rat at first, it looked so small! 🙂 But then I did recognize that it was indeed a cat! Ummm — your doodles look made for the Bible journaling class — in ITALY! Are you sure you won’t join us? I think there’s still room! Loved this post, friend!


    1. Hahaha!! Thanks! Glad to amuse you Valerie!! ♥ I wish I could join you in ITALY!! I think I’ll have to follow along virtually and be there in spirit!! I know y’all will have a blast!


  3. “It’s Christ IN us that makes us able.” A powerful truth that we need to be reminded of often. Thanks for doing so. I’ve yet to be brave enough to try video. Good for you! Stopping in from Holley’s.


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