Making Connections

falling aprat

For the first time in about a week, I’m finally feeling human again. Running a low grade fever on and off for five days with other symptoms that accompany a nasty little head cold will tend to put a girl in a funk. In moments of clarity, I read my bible and devotions and managed to produce some notes for later. In moments of body aches and general malaise I managed to watch no less than 10 episodes of I Love Lucy, one Hallmark movie starring Jason Lee titled “Away and Back” about trumpet swans, 3 episodes of Junk Gypsies, 2 episodes of “This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothing Show”, an old Jimmy Stewart movie called, “You Can’t Take it With You”, the NASCAR race on Sunday, It’s a Wonderful Life (yep Jimmy Stewart again), “After the Thin Man” (again with you know who…) and “Grownups” the first one and the sequel. And somewhere in between those last few movies the husband started feeling a little under the weather too…

Number of rooms in the house that got cleaned and dusted this past extended weekend (because did I mention that we had another snow day on Friday?!?!?) : zero.

Number of 1,000 piece puzzles done: one…

Number of pieces missing from said puzzle: two {hrmphh…}

Number of dinners cooked: two.

Number of take-out dinners procured: three.

Number of naps taken: four+

BUT we are surviving. And we shall overcome.

Sitting down to write today all I could think was that everything in life is connected. (or maybe it’s just the cold medicine talking…but hopefully you’ll humor me as I try and lay some sense to all the things rolling around in my head…) Sometimes everything’s wrapped up in a pretty little bow and sometimes it’s loose and spider-web-y and sometimes it’s down right knotted up like the lonesome necklaces you find at a yard sale for a quarter…

But every random hurt points to a healer. Every suffering plays out for a savior. Every verse in the bible is correlated and connected one to another to weave this great tapestry of truth. Of redemption and protection. I can’t get over how what I read in one Psalm points so clearly to another and sometimes brightly like neon lights. Sometimes dim like a flickering candle but still lighting my pathway.

We are all connected. There is nothing we do or don’t do that doesn’t affect another in some way shape or form. We’re all wired up together- this great cloud of believers that we belong to. My prayers for you, your prayers for others, it’s a giant super virtual spiritual highway tons bigger than the measly old internet. Words spoken and prayed and written all weave their way into our hearts and heads to heal or to wound. Gosh how I want my words to be precious and pretty. Not ugly and sharp.

Nothing happens in our life without reason. Nothing passes through our lives without first passing through God’s hands. We’re all either on our way to the valley or climbing the other side to the mountain top. Every single thing and person and situation we encounter is a chance to see God and let God be seen. That irony is not lost on me.

And as a result, there are choices to be made. We can choose to stand on the rock hard promises or be sucked down into the shifting sand. We can choose the sure destruction that comes from poorly constructed choices. But I choose the rock. I choose life. I choose joy. I choose the anchor over drifting too far from the shore. Even when it’s gray. Or snowy. Even in the prettiest sunshine-y day you’ve seen in 3 months… a warm whisper of Spring and things yet to come. Always choose to bask in the son.

God is connected to us. He’s in us and yet He’s impossible to contain. Bigger than any problem we magnify. Better than any human confection we could concoct. And no matter how many times I trip over my own two feet, no matter how many times my own emotions may threaten to tie me in knots, no matter how woozy or fatigued I feel He makes me surefooted as a deer able to stand on the mountain heights. (Ps. 18:33)

I’ve been rambling and wrapping my mind around Psalm 66, 31 and 18 as of late… Reinforcing some truths in my own mind and connecting the dots on some others. I’m latching onto the hint of Spring and the glory of hope and new beginnings that it brings.

What are you connecting with and holding onto today?

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10 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. Valerie Sisco at Grace with Silk says:

    I love the meandering words to this post — because just like life, our meandering pathways eventually lead us to where we want to go! I heartily agree that God purposes everything in our lives and he wastes nothing. And I could have said this myself — “I want my words to be precious and pretty. Not ugly and sharp.” Oh how I yearn for that — but I fall short so many times! Thankfully, I have plenty of opportunities to try again!

    Hope the snow is starting to melt and you are beginning to see the glory of spring, my friend! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heather says:

      Amen for plenty of opportunities to try again! ♥ Thanks for your sweet comments on my post! AND I am giddy to report it’s been in the 60s here the past few days! I no longer see snow outside my window!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week Valerie!! ♥


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