Prayer for the Homesick


In the fall of 1998 I packed up my very important belongings at that time which pretty much included my clothes, some CDs, a photo album and a behemoth of a Gateway computer system and moved into a college dorm as a freshman. Cue hyperventilation…and homesickness.

The internet was fairly new. Emails were all the rage in “instant” communication. My parents, as well as me (judging by the sad picture of me waving from the sidewalk as they pulled off to make the 3 hour trip back home) were entering into a strange realm full of growing pains and longing for the closeness of our little family of three. I am an only child… which I’m sure the husband would say can explain a lot…!

Though I was the ripe old age of 18, I’m sure this is more of how I looked to them as they left their little girl at that big big school…


Too keep the phone costs down, email became our acceptable and cheap (!) means of staying in contact. My mother I’m sure could type but didn’t know the ins and outs of navigating the world wide web or their flaky internet service back then. But my dad was slightly more competent with the hardware and software. However hunting and pecking was more his typing style.  At any rate, they made a good team. Still do.

Thus began our year of daily – sometimes multiple times a day- email exchanges. They may or may not have printed them and kept them in binders- a) so they could keep track of what they told me and what I had told them and b) so they could show the family when they came by. We were easily excitable. Still are.

In between checking for those glorious emails, I kept up with my school work and managed somewhat of a small social life with my roommate who was sadly just as homesick as me. But we gave it the old college try and we made a good team.

Somehow I managed to save some of these “wise” words from long ago and stumbled across the flood of emails from my folks to me as a co-ed copied into a document hidden on a hard drive as I looked for old pictures the other day…

Hi Girl again, writing this at 9:55 pm, Sunday

 In reference to your Question of calling on Wednesday night WE look forward to voice communication with you with GREAT anticipation, So I guess this means PLEASE call. Time frame 9:00 to 11:00 PM what ever works out for you.

Remember from Dad’s point of view, Don’t forget to eat good food and plenty of it. Here’s wishing you Good Luck on tomorrow, Monday, and watch your head on loft frame you could damage it. Loft or your Head?

You are in our prayers, sweet dreams, Good night  LOL

Dad and Mom

P.S.  Have learned new thing about E-mail, when writing and crying you can’t drip on your paper. This means it is hard to drip on vertical screen, had to explain to mother. She then pointed out that keyboard was in great danger from falling water. We’re outta here, again have a GOOD WEEK, remember what Nannie told you.

You just can’t make this stuff up….and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. But I really wish I could remember what Nannie told me… I guess 17 years does that to a memory…


Today it sometimes feels like we are drowning in the vast pools of information and communication and instant messaging- Texts, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Email and the list goes on…the preferred methods may have changed with the times but whatever you choose to utilize an encouraging word fitly spoken is still so very endearing and just knowing someone cares enough to reach out can mean the world…

Hello Baby Girl!

How are you doing today?  Did you sleep well last night? Did you meet any interesting people? Hope you made it to your classes o.k. Do you think you will like Design Appreciation and Geology? Did you get thumb tacks? Dad deposited the $25 into your checking account so be sure to add it in.

—-Dad wants to know “Can you spell inquisition?”

Look forward to speaking with you Wednesday night.

Miss you and love you

Mom & Dad

I-N-Q-U……Hah…They loved me and were concerned with wanting to know how I was getting along in this foreign college land… and now that I’m grown and only 20 minutes away you may be surprised to know the questions haven’t changed now they’re just delivered via text…!

From 200 miles away I knew all about their comings and goings. Email provided us with snapshots of family news. Sad things. Exciting things. We were eager to hear it and share it all. Even the mundane…

Hey There, Mom and Dad here    4:20PM    Good to hear pics made it  wasn’t sure about capability of envelope.

Fun Things Done today –  8/28/98

Dad – get up


  begin clean up garage (on going will never finish)

  watch it rain

  email back and forth to daughter


Mom  – Sleep till 11:00 Am

  got up and washed load of clothes

  talked to Teresa on phone

  wrote letter to Teresa

  visited post office, bank, Sheppard”s, and Donna

  home again

  help write email to daughter

Be sure to indicate an additional $20 in your checking account. Looks like another day cleaning for Dad and Mom on Friday. But Emailing you is more fun than household chores. I know it is your first week but (as if you have nothing else to do) over the weekend can you darken the doorway of that overpriced bookstore and purchase a window sticker like yours for Dad and Mom. Bring them home with you or mail them if so moved.





And Dad was completely right that the garage cleanup is in fact ever present and ongoing…!

All these exchanges made me laugh really hard first off {yes these are just the tip of the ice berg… I graciously spared you from the rest…} realize maybe my dad missed his calling because he sure is funny {but maybe that’s just me…} and finally think a lot about prayer and how we communicate our heavenly Father. Are we full of questions? Are we looking forward to hearing from him? (because I’m more than sure he’s waiting eagerly and with open ears and arms for us…) Do we include Him in all the details? Are we specific in prayer? Do we remember everything He tells us?

We’re made to communicate and share our hearts with each other over relaxed chats, uninterrupted cups of coffee, love letters, emails and uplifting IG posts. I’m thankful God made us for connection in whatever format we choose. But more importantly he beckons us to connect with Him. We’re made to come into the presence of our Heavenly Father and while away our time at His feet seeking Him first, sharing our stories and really taking the time to know Him. For time spent in prayer and bible study is never time wasted.

Prayer is not only our battlefield but our lifeline. It’s our connection to our heavenly home. A comfort against the homesickness the world can rain down on us.

Have you called home today?

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13 thoughts on “Prayer for the Homesick

  1. love this……..thanks for lifting me up!!!   Debbie ThompsonMinister of Music, May Memorial Baptist Church Encounter God ~ Embody Community ~ Embrace the World (h) 6126 Cartersville RoadPowhatan, VA 23139804-502-9521 (C)

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  2. Heather, Oh my goodness – those emails from your folks are PRICELESS! Now I know where you get your sense of humor from! Both of your parents sound just darling and I can imagine the angst at the thought of being far from them. 🙂 I agree with you that if our own earthly parents revel in every detail of our lives, how much more does our heavenly father love to hear from us — THAT is also priceless! Thanks for sharing this gem of a post with us (I am still giggling)! xo

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    1. I giggled my way through it too and thought them too good not to share
      : ) Prayer is indeed so important and God is always willing to entertain all the details if we’d just take everything to him… how much better off we’d be! ♥


  3. Awww… what a keepsake… and made me smile into my screen while I read 🙂 The perfect perspective too, if we’re not careful, we won’t realise how long we’ve gone without calling Home! Thanks, friend! Hugs and blessings!

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  4. Love this little glimpse into your world! Such awesome parents 🙂 And I love picking out one sentence when blog reading… this hit me here “We’re made to come into the presence of our Heavenly Father and while away our time at His feet seeking Him first, sharing our stories and really taking the time to know Him. ” Sooooo good ❤

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