Arranging for a Joyful Heart


It’s just past the 6th of December and there are no visual signs of the usual Christmas preparations at our address – trees, lights or other trappings…


Oh there are lots of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head {and my pinterest boards…} like sheet music paper chains… bottle brush trees and mason jar snow globes… faded reds, greens and blues– and a white, lots of white.

In fact, I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…tree, that is.

Just after the holidays last year, I managed to unearth from long forgotten storage, 2/3 of the hardware to hang shelving in my dining area. When the boards couldn’t be found, the indecision about what to use in their place pretty much put the whole project on the back burner.

But in the wake of all the crafty endeavors of the past season, I’ve been trying to get myself organized so it doesn’t look like the hobby store and a junk shop colliding in my house every time creativity comes to call.

And because nothing motivates me like procrastinating over another holiday seeing things unfinished, I hung the tracks and brackets knowing it would bug me just enough to go buy the white shelf boards the next day.


Problem solved.

While shuffling craft supplies around, I stumbled upon a sparkle filled blue snowflake (there’s always one rebel that escapes being packed away…) so I perched it atop my fall flowers and soldiered on.


I’m making seasonal progress… slowly but surely.

Aside from fiddling with all my new found storage and kitschy Christmas flourishes, I have also been quite enraptured with preparing for advent in a different way.


Through another lovely blogger’s invitation (she had me at artistic…), I’ve been reading Ann Voskamp’s Advent devotional, “The Greatest Gift: Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas” and it’s proving to be just the thing I always wanted but never thought to look for.

It’s making me present in a season that tends to be all about the presents.

  • Reinforcing that every promise in Genesis through Revelation prepares us for the coming of Christ.
  • Reminding me only God can bring life from death, a tender shoot from a lifeless stump and this winter rest, with it’s bare branches actually makes it easier to see the green when the seasons shift.
  • Inviting me to desire God as my source of life and wisdom, not just the fruits of His provision like Eve did in error
  • Helping me realize His precious son is the only treasure worth possessing.

His birth was not proceeded by a series of unrelated events- nor are all the events in my life, all the facets, all the choices- unrelated either.

God always provides at just the right time.

A plan, a direction, preparation with purpose.

Even when it’s hard to fathom or we’re not quite sure what our destination is just yet.

Every pitfall and provision prepares us for our reward of gloriously living with Him in eternity one day, but making Him known in the ordinary everyday.


After all, the treasures of the wise men turned into divine endowments for the trip Egypt.

“Wise men are only wise because they make their priority the seeking of Christ.” ~ Ann Voskamp, “The Greatest Gift”

I want to praise and glorify him in all that I do with every action, word and deed.

Speaking truth and living richly in God, not poor in spirit.

Some days it’s easier said than done but it helps when your heart’s in the right place.

And though it’s not a standard Christmas tune, this song reminds me of the truest offering we can bring- a pure heart…

Prepare our hearts for Christmas, Lord.

Let us bring them as presents full of praise and glory for YOU.

Gifts born out of a joyful heart.

It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone. ~Ephesians 1:11-12,The Message

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28 thoughts on “Arranging for a Joyful Heart

  1. Hi Heather,
    I think we’re on the same wavelength of decorating this season! Although I do have my cashmere pencil tree up, it took all the energy I had and I decided to leave off several strings of lights and other garlands that usually take so much time to get just right and guess what? The tree looks the same and just as festive without all that stuff that drives me crazy! 🙂 So all that to say I love your little blue snowflake and all the touches you are taking your time about because I think it may just be the right frame of mind to settle you into the wonder of Advent.

    I also think your shelves look fabulous and maybe it’s okay not to deck and undeck so quickly this year and instead enjoy the joy in front of us, just as you write about!
    Much love! xoxox

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    1. Yes!! I thought I was just being lazy- now I’m realizing my call to simplicity is en vogue! 😉 I’m sure your tree is beautiful as always- can’t wait to see it ♥ Savoring this season day by day and keeping Jesus at the heart of it with you my dear! Can’t wait to see where he leads next! ♥♥♥


  2. Love this, dear Heather. You are on the right path and decorating/meh-decorating – it will come together in the right time. I doubt if Mary cared about a tree. PS Do you have a tweeting link because you are so tweet able. Do not stress – make it a 2017 thingy. xx
    Holli dog keeps eating the ornaments so I’ll have fewer to put away this January…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No tweeting link yet… still figuring twittering out myself…! Putting it on the list for sure! xxoo And LOL about the dog– saw where she absconded with the baby Jesus CPKid..!!!! What a hoot- the way she’s always trying to help you…♥


  3. I love that you are first preparing your heart, and then your home will be a natural outpouring of that. My heart needed a bit of a jump start too this year and when I started unpacking boxes and finding treasures that brought me joy, it infused me with more of it. I think slow and steady at our own pace and without pressure is just the right way to go. And…your shelves look lovely! Wishing you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas, friend.

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  4. Heather, I have had the most awful night and by chance I decided to click on this song…I’m too exhausted to read…and it was such a gift from God. I was resting in a painful and heated attack of our accuser…and this song was SO SO beautiful and SO SO empowering and freeing. Thank you. I hope to return to read your words soon…I’m now off to bed: it’s past midnight here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Anna, praying that your sleep was restful and restorative, and that your morning brings nothing but joy. I’m humbled that my song choice could help. Blessings on you friend.


      1. Finally read your words and this rings so true: “His birth was not proceeded by a series of unrelated events- nor are all the events in my life, all the facets, all the choices- unrelated either.” In the morning I understood the purpose of the attack being allowed. It opened me to trust more deeply and pray more fervently into a situation that came that morning and just WOW how God showed up to multiply His blessings into the life of another. God is SO good.

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  5. We try to keep things simple in terms of decorating so we really can focus on what is important. It’s also helpful to think of Advent as a whole, not just Christmas as a one-day holiday.
    We’ve done a Jesse Tree for many years. These daily readings are my favorite part of our celebration!

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  6. Heather, our home is so reflective of where our heart is this time of year, and I love how you have intertwined them so beautifully. Your sense of effortless is design is inspiring, and your heart is precious! I’m also enjoying Ann’s book this Advent:)

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    1. Oh I’m so excited to hear you’re doing her devotional too! ♥ It’s really blowing my mind in a good way! Happy Advent Crystal! Thanks for popping over and leaving your sweet comment! xo


  7. “Every pitfall and provision prepares us for our reward of gloriously living with Him in eternity one day, but making Him known in the ordinary everyday.” – Amen, Heather! I love that you aren’t afraid to be you. Seriously, you inspire me. Still dreaming we can maybe hug in person one day…lol ~ have an overflowing peaceful season sweet friend!

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  8. Beautiful Heather – I only just got a chance to read this post. Your decorations are sooo pretty but the bit I really love – – – you lead me quietly back to whats real and what matters every time – Christ. Funny that you mention the white Christmas – this year first time ever we got a white Christmas tree, kind of miss the green but she is so pretty and sparkly. Just had an inkling to do something a little different this year. Thank you Heather. God Bless

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    1. That is awesome! I hope you’ll share a pic on IG or your blog of your pretty tree! Sometimes we just need that little change that gives our whole perspective a big push in the right direction! I hope you are Christmas-ing well my friend and thank you for your sweet encouragement! xx

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