Something Old for Something New

My grandma used to tell stories about banishing her four children outside to play in the summer and how my mother refused to sit in the grass and certainly not in the dirt unless she could find a grocery sack or suitable barrier to put between her clean clothes and the earth.

I wish I could say I inherited some of those demure tendencies from her…  after being covered in sanding dust most of the evening…not to mention finding paint in my hair the day before, I think I may have dyed my hands last night when I got a little too cavalier with some wood staining {gloves? who needs gloves? Me, that’s who…}

That I’m sure, is my dad’s influence…

dad_HL build

Thank goodness my people are patient with me {it helps when you make them cookies…} and over look such oddball things as steel wool on the kitchen counter and jars of science experiment worthy mixtures sitting around marinating. In final preparations for Saturday’s market, I’ve rewired lamps, painted and sanded all.the.things and learned an old trick to age new wood with a rusty vinegar concoction, courtesy of the steel wool mentioned above. After all, there’s nothing like a good vintage patina, but next time I’ll take a few more protective measures to keep the distressing off my hands…

Flitting around from project to project one night I was horrified to find black specks from a foam brush flaking off onto what was supposed to be my perfect, final coat of wax.

My dear husband suggested I do something different – I interjected that I should never do a show again because I am a horrible procrastinator and always end up with more projects than I have time to squeeze in at the last minute.

As I begged him to put his foot down next time I mentioned any crafty moonlighting opportunities, he laughed saying he was merely insinuating I try a different brush.

Oh how he knows me and talks me off the ledge.

We’re a good match.

I’m glad I married him.

On the subject of marrying, I took a break to attend a sweet friend’s special day. I even bought new shoes!


And then I spilled half a bottle of water over myself in the car on the way there.

More proof you can dress me up but you can’t take me out.

It was a beautiful wedding with many handmade touches that spoke right to my own heart. As we feasted and folks danced the night away, I spent most of it gazing wistfully at the table in the corner displaying her bouquet.

Adorning her hands, as she walked down the aisle, was this jeweled arrangement crafted from broaches and pins representing multiple women in her life and adding the perfect touch of whimsy and wisdom to her wedding day.


Something old for something new.

At my own nuptials I wore flip flops and didn’t carry any flowers– real or re-imagined, but we also honored the past by using my in-law’s vintage rings.

And after seeing six years of holy matrimony fly by, almost in a blur, we’ve come to a mutual understanding.

I don’t complain about the miscellaneous musical equipment and drums that make their way into the house (too much) and he doesn’t question (much) the yard and estate sale “treasures” that follow me home.

He sees the bigger picture for the little broken and forgotten pieces collected over the years and appreciates the labor in bringing them all back together to be re-purposed and restored.

On our wedding day two become united in one purpose and our beloved sees us as beautiful, whole and pure. A picture of love. Years down the road covered in stain and sporting a messy bun or multiple kids, we may not feel so lovely, but that doesn’t change what they see.

Much in the same way, is how God always sees us – Promised and covered, without flaw and set aside for something special.

Now it is God who makes both us and you stand firm in Christ. He anointed us,  set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come. ~ 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

Do we see the same in everyone? Even on their worst days? Or even in ourselves?

Even when we feel incapable, unloved, not presentable or unworthy, God sees us differently.

We are his creation. A masterpiece made by His capable hand.

He sees the beauty in us everyday because he sees Christ in us. His blood and his love cover and restore us. He overlooks our faults and quirks and hoarding tendencies and sees nothing but the precious and priceless jewels that we are.

We are cherished and prized even when we are worn at the edges or feeling frayed.

Your shine may dull or all together wear off and seasons will come and go, but there’s no where you can hide, nothing you can cover yourself in, no barrier that can distort the age old truth or ever change what God sees in you.

For better or worse, my dear…

You are loved.

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21 thoughts on “Something Old for Something New

  1. Love this and I know you were talking about your man, but true of our God as well and so beautifully said and illustrated:
    He sees the bigger picture for the little broken and forgotten pieces collected over the years and appreciates the labor in bringing them all back together to be re-purposed and restored.

    I need daily repurposing by the loving hand of our Holy Spirit. Have a blast on Saturday and if you think of me, I’ll be doing my God -given crafting all weekend long in the mountains of S. Calif.
    PS take lots of photos in case you sell it all and never see it again! we want to see your handiwork.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep you got my double meaning : ) SO true of both of the important fellas in my life! I will certainly think of you Sue! Prayed for you this morning for God to re-purpose your purpose 🙂 Yes photos will be on tap– I sent snippets in a newsletter Monday and have a few locals chomping at the bit to see more! LOL!


  2. Heather,
    Oh I just can’t wait for your show this weekend! Now I know I won’t be there physically but I’m with you in spirit and I think it’s going to be soul-revitalizing and inspiring! I love all the photos in this post — you are such a crafty woman, bravely wielding tools — oh how jealous I am to be able to do that! 🙂 And — I’m loving the chic shoes you debuted for your friend’s wedding, but most of all, I love the sentiments you wrote about marriage and your husband and how beautiful it is when we understand and give grace! I’ll be waiting for some pics on Saturday, my friend!!! xoxoxox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. TJ Maxx for the shoe win..! I wish you were here too Valerie! I’d get you up and running with tools and show you all my tricks and you would make such a fabulous co-host in my booth I’m sure! xo Thank you for your sweet encouragement as always. ♥


  3. You do such a wonderful job with your blog, Daughter! I love reading it and seeing all these old pictures! Remember how I use to take pictures or video of everything you would do! I guess I was collecting material for your future blog!!! I love how you love God and how you praise Him through your beautiful music, your words on this blog & the way you live each day! You are such a joy to Dad & me. Hoping you have a wonderful show Saturday. Love you, Sweet Girl.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Heather how gorgeous are the photos of you and your Dad together. So enjoyed your thoughts here especially on marriage (needed) – my favourite part (and laugh) – you begging your husband to put his foot down next time!!! Oh dear I know that feeling of being completely up to your ears in a project and suddenly wondering “why do I do this” but as you well know its because you can’t not create.Its in you to do it and it will be so worth it all on Saturday when your beautiful market stall comes together. Have a great day Saturday. Blessings !! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thanks Tracey… I’d surely be lost without all he’s taught me!! Yes there were (still are!) great moments of ‘why am I doing this again??’—> and you can apply that to marriage, projects, etc! LOL! But I know God has a purpose and a plan and YES I can’t not create!! It always seeps out- just like your decorating and thrifting and painting always find their outlets too! (and how I enjoy reading about them all!) Happy to be creating along with you friend ♥ Thanks for the good wishes and prayers- right back at ya girl 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh I agree. the wedding bouquet was beautiful. And I love the picture you portray of your man and you. Still loving each other because you know each other better, flaws and all. That’s the beauty of God’s love for us, like you mentioned

    I did wince when you mentioned your grandmother looking around for a sack or something to sit on. That sounds a bit like me, though I usually look for clean grass as nothing else is available. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Dear Heather … those pictures with your Dad are priceless. They remind me of my husband and our girls when they were young … and now their kids as they putter around the workshop with him, creating one thing or another.

    This, the stuff of our best memories …

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Enjoyed this and I was laughing part of the time. I’ve never seen a jeweled bouquet like that. How neat! Keep making those cookies and don’t spill any more water.

    Liked by 1 person

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