Tuesday Truth: In Due Time

God’s timing is not always our timing, but His timing is always on time.

I read this over and over again as my foot tap tap taps….

I’m a sort of patient person, but not really… maybe it’s the only child in me…I never had to share or wait my turn!

:: sigh ::

Today I find myself feeling super antsy y’all… Did I mention I’m not really a fan of waiting?

I’m reminded how many people in the bible had to wait on their dreams to come to pass. Abraham and Sarah… The Israelites wandering in the desert for 40 years en route to the Promised Land… Noah building on that ark for years wondering if he was crazy or if he had really heard God right..?

rainbow cropped


I’m reminded even more close to home how my sweet cousin has waited 4 years to be blessed with children and finally there are babies on the way {yes plural–twins y’all!} and we’re all so excited we can’t hardly stand it… a special trip has to be made this weekend just to hug her and jump up and down with joy for her and her sweet husband.

Having a dream for a business or a job is kind of like giving birth… you plan and prepare, but it all comes down to God’s time and not our own time frames…

As I googled around to refresh my memory on bible stories about waiting, I ran across this article full of truths…

And then this song from a few years back started playing in my head…

Maybe you’re playing the waiting game too? Do tell?

So let’s encourage and entertain each other in the in-between today… funny and cute diversions courtesy of Pinterest… You’re welcome.

Chin up my friends. God is still Good.

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9 thoughts on “Tuesday Truth: In Due Time

  1. AMEN !!!! What a powerful message. Love the song. That’s it, being patient and waiting for God’s time is hard, but in the end it will be wonderful.


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