I should know by now that writing brings me joy… so why do I wait until 4pm on a Monday (of all days) to publish anything??

Today, December 1st it is 75 degrees in VA as I write. There must be some mistake…but I’ll take it! We had a glorious Thanksgiving and weekend filled with large amounts of food, shopping, a funeral, a concert (those last 3 all in one day…) and then 2 wonderful days of doing a whole lot of nothing. Sometimes you just need those times.

However, Christmas is now upon us. Blink twice and you’ll miss it. But I’m savoring the last remnants of warmth because tomorrow promises a different story of rain and sleet!

But above all I hope this holds true…


In my life and in yours too…

Happy Monday Friends!

3 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Happy Monday to you and all week long, Heather. It was 76 yesterday morning and 8am and at 10:30 it was in the 40s and now midday today its in the 20s. Its coming. Snuggle and stay warm!!!


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