Fabulous Friday Flashes…of Inspiration

It is Friday. Fabulous Friday. Oh hallelujah.

I ♥ Fridays. I can’t be the only one?? 

I’m finding myself circled with all sorts of wonderful inspiration at the end of this week. I’m grabbing it all and snuggling up under it like a warm blanket- but I want to share it with you fun people too, so here goes:

Now hear this: What Meg Duerksen thinks of you. 

3 words- Your Story Matters.

Seriously you need to read it… I needed to read it. We all need to read it.

Trees, cookies, cards, Christmas: Right here right now… these are what I’m crushing on…And I will put my tree up this weekend! Time to get with the program my dears… or I’ll be Dec. 24 decking the halls…! Not that it hasn’t happened before…cough cough…

This book: LOVE DOES.  I was right…game changer. It is full of whimsy. {and y’all know how much I love me some whimsy…!} It’s also just filled with real life examples of love– and from a lawyer no less… how can it be?? You’ll just have to read it…!

love does

My new favorite Christmas Song…. Apparently Mariah Carey started it all…but I have to say I never remember hearing it until this year and I love Avalon’s version so much more…

Oh and I bought one of these: We affectionately named him Little Brother. He fits in well with his Sister Singer…

serger wm


…But the urge to serge all.the.things is now in full swing… need proof?…

…so if you happen to receive a handmade gift from me this year there is a good chance it will have some sort of fancy over lock stitch courtesy of lil brother…You’ve been warned…

So that’s where I am today. I’m off to not eat another danish butter cookie… seriously why are those things so good?

What fun things have you guys been up to this week? Any inspiration you found that pulled you out of a slump? Let’s share!



4 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Flashes…of Inspiration

  1. I love that you have been up to so many great things! You inspire me with all you create and do! “Little brother” sounds fun! Someday I hope to get a sewing machine! ha! And this week, I have been up to very little except being sick! :/ I did manage to do some Christmas shopping and wrapping though! I’m hoping next week will be better!

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    1. Aww so sorry you have been sick! We have been carrying that banner too. Tis the season! : ( Thanks for your sweet words and I know you would have a blast with a sewing machine! Hoping for a better week for ya girl!

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