It’s About Time…

Currently these are inhabiting my kitchen table (pay no attention to the Christmas tree or the iron…or the Ford model waiting patiently to be assembled…)WM_blank canvas

I primed these canvasses the other night and now they’re just waiting to be painted. In the cleaning of the closet last weekend, they became my target. Be painted or leave the premises. Enough stalling. They have journeyed with me from house to house to house. They have moved from room to closet and closet to room.

There just hasn’t seemed to be the right time or the right thing to paint. Or maybe I have just been afraid of not doing them justice! But I’m over it.

And it’s about time.

So there is an art date between my best girl and me tomorrow! Given that I haven’t really painted since high school this should be interesting…

Upon gathering inspiration, I’ve come up with a few things I’m leaning towards painting like this, all of these, a bird (like in the upper left corner of this picture), or peacocks like these… i already have the flamingos so why not elaborate on a theme, right?

BUT, there’s also something drawing me to this:

And to that:

But I will always love this:

In short, I think I may have painting A.D.D…. anyone care to weigh in with a vote???

In other news, I bought a map.


Given my globe obsession, it felt right. And you’ll be glad to know that I passed on the world map that was 2/3 BIGGER than this one… Mr. Relief map of the U.S comes in just under 3′ X 4’….give or take. However you may be sad to know (as was I) that I have no wall big enough on which to hang it in the living room…. or in the kitchen at the moment… which may relegate my poor little map to the hallway or the bedroom. Womp womp….

And speaking of horizons, there was this spectacular view the other night as we made a store run for frozen pizza and cokes.

WM_gilded clouds

I think the best pictures are found on God’s canvass… even amid light poles and antennas a gilded sunset wins every time.

Happy Thursday friends.






7 thoughts on “It’s About Time…

  1. You and I are so attracted to the same kind of old buildings! So many times I just want to stop the car and get out and take a picture of a run down old house or building. Something about old places just really calls to me. I especially love doors for some reason. You’ve inspired me to stop the car and take more photos!

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