Around the World…

You may have caught a glimpse in one of my last posts of some changes happening in the living room… yeah, I’m at it again… And by ‘it’ I mean moving things around. I’m going to henceforth refer to it as on the job training…because practice makes progress and I would be working smarter, not harder if I hone my skills on my own house before I go into a client’s home…!

Maybe this explanation will work on my husband when he finds me puttering around the house shoving furniture around and snapping pictures while the pasta water boils over on the stove….

Me: “But honey I’m learning which white balance setting to use…and it’s so exciting..!”

(By the way my summertime goal is to play nice with my camera and entice it to take pretty pictures instead of the blurry washed out or weirdly colored shots I’ve gotten in the past…)

This one picture I may have just gotten lucky…although I’m not sure how to explain why it’s so blue outside that window…look not at that…or the water heater that still remains on my porch after the epic replacement weekend many moons ago…ok 2 months…life just sort of gets away from you sometimes…Anyone headed to the scrap yard…??


As an early birthday present to myself, I finally bought bamboo shades and I even went all swanky with the creamy curtains… a la twin sheets split in half… (p.s. lesson learned here– the more fullness, the better… don’t ask me how I know this..ahem… sometimes the right thing to do is not to be too stingy with your fabric…!)

So, we now have a slightly more grown up feel in the window treatment department for the first time in, well, ever… You’re welcome honey, so sorry it took so long….!

Along about the same time the shades were going down, er, up, we set out to conquer a few yard sales and I came away with another globe… Upon getting it home, a conversation ensued..

Me: if we have 3 of something does that mean I officially have a collection?

Husband: probably more like an obsession…

watermarked globes and board

I can’t help it… the colors on them make me happy ♥… and an added bonus is that the little one actually lights up… (don’t ask to see that picture though… the camera and I were on the outs that day..)

And since there’s safety in numbers, I decided the obsession collection should all live together on top of my secretary…

…hmmm apparently I employed this same trick with the cameras as well… no sense in ruining a good thing if it works..!

I just have a soft spot for random old stuff…

Apparently this is so evident that even the friends of the boy have ‘learned me’ (this is 17 year old lingo for getting to know somebody I’m told…) and send me texts of pictures like this:

cute cute cute print by Lori Mcdonough
cute cute cute print by Lori Mcdonough

Throw in Jesus, music and Mexican food and you’ll know what my little corner of the world looks like..!

What are you collecting in your corner of the world lately? I’d love to know!

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