How to Follow Well

On my birthday this year I set out to pray over and pen some goals, thanks to this book. After circling for a while, I finally landed with three: Always remember my mission, pursue discipline and live simply with first “thing” first. {That thing really being a person, you know…} Even with those directives in mind,Continue reading “How to Follow Well”

Reach for the Sky and a Good Friend

My fascination with trees is ongoing. When I pondered my first post title idea, “On Being a Tree” I found that I had a short memory… So one good tree story deserves another I suppose. Last week I heard a fact about redwood trees that stuck with me. As old (think several centuries to aContinue reading “Reach for the Sky and a Good Friend”

Keeping Company With Christmas

Because it is now officially December, I shall finally speak of Christmas. That’s just how I like to roll- you know letting my holidays have their due in their respective months. Love and hugs to you all who have had your tree up since Halloween though- no judgement here- I just get overwhelmed way tooContinue reading “Keeping Company With Christmas”

30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Grace

I know it’s Thanksgiving, but I’ll only keep you for a minute… Did your turkey turn out? Were the sweet potatoes good? Are you going Black Friday shopping, like actually on FRIDAY??? Sorry, back to the business at hand… For my Birthday this year the boy gifted me with this shirt… I know it’s hard toContinue reading “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Grace”

Rock Conquers All

In my living room there’s a print bought from a Target long ago right when my family expanded beyond just me and the two felines that says, “Rock Conquers All”. We are all music lovers so it was very fitting at the time. If you squint you can see it right behind the chair belowContinue reading “Rock Conquers All”