Keeping Company With Christmas

Because it is now officially December, I shall finally speak of Christmas. That’s just how I like to roll- you know letting my holidays have their due in their respective months. Love and hugs to you all who have had your tree up since Halloween though- no judgement here- I just get overwhelmed way too easily by overlapping my celebrations.

A quick glance at my calendar reveals the awesome and also daunting truth that Christmas is a mere 23 days away. The thought of which kind of makes my brow furrow and my eye twitch if I’m being honest. 

It’s starting to feel like Christmas, much like the rest of my days, is getting hi-jacked.

A scroll through my phone pictures and pinterest boards reveals lovely craft ideas and decorating schemes from last year and [ughh] the year before (!) that never quite materialized.

And thumbing through Instagram makes me feel like I’m too far behind the Christmas cue ball to ever make progress… so you know what? I think I’ll stop looking… A little self imposed IG fast for the Advent season to help me focus? Yes please, I’ll take two.

A stroll through my planner confirms  plans already made- cantatas and practices, work parties and yet to be returned invitations from relatives – that are both exciting and cringe-inducing for creative introverts like me who sometimes wonder what it would be like to be left to her own devices to craft and curate Christmas commitments in a more meaningful way. So I think I’ll pray over all these petitions and make new priorities.

Because after last year’s heartache and this year’s hustle I’m craving something more…

Like simplicity.

A manger and a baby. Peace. The end.

glory to god

{image via Journey Devotional Magazine}

Because over-committed, over-worked and over-scheduled is not my idea of a holly jolly Christmas.

But how do we keep Jesus front and center when retail establishments, social media and sometimes even the church want to drag him off and wrap him up in a neat little box with a sparkly bow on top?

Like the shepherds I’m invited to simply keep company. To keep watch.

Preferring to praise God instead of complaining over a hyped up holiday to-do list that I created.

Sitting still but actively waiting, I think is how a dear friend describes it. Because we crave peace but are quick to create our own chaos.

And I’m drawn back to the shepherds… they weren’t running around the fields fretting, dragging their sheep to and fro… they were abiding in the field. Hunkered down keeping company with those that  needed them most- their flock.

wm_o come let us adore him_framed

So maybe keeping company this Christmas means more than pretty paper, packages, parties, perfect gifts, and a plethora of people. Perhaps it may look more like slowing down and savoring the season through serving those who are in need, spending more time- rather than more money- on our own families, and learning to gracefully accept the best gift of all which is a relationship with that baby born on Christmas Day.

Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s PEACE which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will GUARD your hears and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:6-7

The countdown is on and the choice is ours.

How are you keeping Christmas simple this year?

9 thoughts on “Keeping Company With Christmas

  1. I was just reading about the shepherds this morning and considering how astounding it must have been for them to hear such an astonishing announcement, proclaimed by angels. It seems so unlikely that God would have announced the birth of his son to a group of working men, but then again, how perfect — the baby who was to be the sacrificial lamb, the long-awaited shepherd to guide us, should of course, be told first to the shepherds. As always, God weaves every detail into his own story as only he can, so why do we doubt that he does it with ours?

    Did you create the chalk art? Gorgeous, my friend! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! The shepherds are always one of my favorite parts of the Christmas story- so unassuming… so blue collar but so important. Amen girl- why are we so quick to doubt? All we ever need to know is written right there in black, white and red. ♥ Any yes the chalk board art was mine from last Christmas. Thank you for your sweet comments as always! ♥


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