So This Is Christmas

expect the miracle

As much as I would like to be prepared and organized and have all my little Christmas ducks in a row (it’s smiling at me!) I don’t. I still spend every single Christmas Eve with A Christmas Story looping in the background in a wrapping and crafting and printing frenzy while others nestle snug in their beds dreaming of sugarplums or what have you while wearing kerchiefs and caps (!)

I have grand plans, but poor execution when it comes to holidays. I like to chalk it up to “I work better under pressure…” But I think I need to revisit my own words (or maybe eat a few of them) from my 30 days series in October about living intentionally.

In spite of my own short comings in scheduling and all the extra-curricular hoopla we had to endure this season, I did manage to produce this lovely gift….at the 11th hour because who doesn’t get up, cook bacon and finish making a tie on Christmas morning while waiting for the rest of the family to get up and open gifts…

tie collage

Hands down, this has been one of the hardest Christmas seasons I have ever experienced… other than maybe 2006 because divorce is never a Rx for a fun holiday…The older I get I seem to struggle a little more each year with that bah-humbug thing.  Angie Smith actually puts a finger on some of it perfectly in this blog post…

I went through the regular Christmas services and other get togethers this year with a hollow feeling. Knowing that God had things in His hands but still feeling queasy and upended. Un-tethered and uprooted.

I wanted my prayers to be like incense… a sweet and fragrant offering. So I made potpourri. Heaven knows how my mind works… or doesn’t.


Y’all know how slow I was to get at Christmas this year… and I was getting there in the spirit right up until the wheels fell off.

We spent from Dec. 21 to Dec. 26 praying over, checking on, worrying about and finally celebrating with my mom in her hospital room where she “Christmassed” this year. Complete with ribbon banner and a 2 foot tree (not pictured…)

wm_ribbon garland

And finally tonight we will have our belated Christmas/New Year’s Eve extravaganza with my parents at our house.

This Christmas season we have spent in pain, in mourning and finally in joy. Riding home on Christmas night from the hospital with the boy driving I finally felt Christmas-y. Every lighted house took on a new shimmer even though I’d passed them all decked out for a month or more. Christ has come.

After the trial was over there was a long exhale period of sitting on the couch refusing to do much other than read and eat chocolate covered I don’t know what all.

And it was good.

All is calm, all is bright and Mom is well. Complete with a new appreciation for health and life. Now we are left adjusting to how to keep up with her! It’s a marvelous change in her life that’s been wrought…

And it will be good.

We did indeed hear the bells on Christmas day.

Given that today is New Year’s Eve, people are starting to write about their “word of the year” but the only thing that comes to my mind moving forward is being anchored. I have seen more than ever in the past months my need for an anchor – in the only safe harbor there is- with the Lord.  And out of the depth of my subconscious this song popped in my head (because I apparently think in song lyrics…bonus points if you can correctly account for all the song references in this post thus far…)

It was a choir memory from long ago so I googled around until I found something close to the version we did and it’s worth a listen: My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord –> skip ahead to 1:57 for where the music starts… and it is totally all about that bass and maybe that soprano note at the end! Whew!

My strength will be tested, but God’s is sufficient.

My words will fail but God’s never will.

So Happy Christmas and blessings on a Merry New Year! I have missed you all.

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14 thoughts on “So This Is Christmas

  1. I am so glad you posted!! This really is beautiful. And that word is awesome… there were years I could have most definitely used that word. This got me too: “My strength will be tested, but God’s is sufficient. My words will fail but God’s never will.” Thank you for that…
    I hope you had the most wonderful evening Heather! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 🙂

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    1. I may be a little tardy to the party in returning thanks… but I’m honored something spoke to you through my humble ramblings…!
      We had an awesome New Years- I hope yours was wonderful too! 🙂 Happy 2015 Miss Rachel! : )


  2. I feel like an expert of Christmas’ that have crashed and burned, but let me tell you my dear, each year, you learn a little more and get a little wiser and make better choices, until one year you finally get your ‘intentional’ Christmas. This year was my first- and honey, I’ve waited f-o-r-e-v-e-r! Doggone, it was GOOD! There’s a season for all things- your simple Christmas will come exactly when it’s supposed to. I’m so happy that your mom is well! Happy New Year to you and yours!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement 🙂 You are a little angel of the internet : ) You’re so right- everything does indeed have a season! Thank you thank you thank you : )


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