Day 27 :: Everything in Moderation

I wish Mondays could be taken in moderation… I don’t think I’m alone!

Hi friends! How was your weekend?

I just sat down with my planner in an effort to keep myself on track for this week. I now have more things to accomplish than I have hours in the day unless I give up cooking, eating and sleeping for the week…

How did that happen?

Every year about this time, I run into this conundrum. Too many intentions to be able to be intentional about all of them! I think I need to review my time management tips from last week and call some things good enough!

I also think I had too much weekend– but in the best possible way. It was full of food and friends and family but not a lot of rest…

The one thing I was intentional about today was eating healthier (see above too much food comment…). I had an egg, tomato and spinach omelet on an english muffin for breakfast and a homemade chef salad for lunch full of ham, tomatoes and a hard boiled egg.  I’m not a strict eater by any means I just subscribe to the theory that it’s ok to have ice cream and pizza but it just can’t be every day… and it seems like the weekends are my time to test that theory usually…


{image via The Graphics Fairy}

The one thing I did not intend this morning was to trigger the smoke detector at 7 AM as my hard boiled eggs were cooking in the pan and I hurriedly hopped in the shower… major fail…. but all is well. Wouldn’t you know the alarm stopped sounding as soon as I came flying out, saw there was no smoke (!..?), moved the pan off the burner anyway and drug a chair over to it to reset it… what a touchy thing… and to top it off the sleeping teenager wasn’t even phased!

Do you find your self being a more intentional eater on Mondays?

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