The Spinning Plate Conundrum


image via The Graphics Fairy

A few years back we had a summer youth minister at our church who could juggle– and I’m not just talking about juggling his schedule, but he could juggle multiple balls, bean bags, chain saws…ok not really chain saws… but lots of stuff at one time. Kids loved him. As an adult I was fairly fascinated too- keeping all those balls in the air is something I have lots of practice in hypothetically but have yet to master.

Some how I don’t think I’m supposed to… and I’ll tell ya why. This morning I spent a fair amount of time reading through some freebie material from Lysa Terkeurst’s new book “The Best Yes” after signing up for her “5 Day Un-rush Me Challenge“. I’ll admit I was smitten, seriously head over heals in love with the colors and design of the book cover and matching website- which you’ll totally understand if you click through to her site from that challenge link above … but once I got through drooling, and started reading I realized how I totally identified with so many of the things she had to say…

{How we schedule our time is based on the decisions we make…So how we use our “Yes” and “No” determines how we set our schedule —> which leads to how we use our time —-> determining how we live our life and ultimately ===> how we spend our soul… ~ paraphrased from Lysa Terkeurst video}

It comes down to not being afraid to make wise choices with what we say yes to. A “Yes” to a noble cause may be a great thing, but if it’s not our “Best Yes” meaning if it’s not in our set of gifts and talents that God gave us to use–or coming at the right season in our life, then it’s ok to pass on it. {where was this book about a year ago when I was busy spinning my plates over committing myself to everything under the sun…Band Boosters- sure! Whoosh! Pastor Search- Amen! Whoosh! Sew this, sing that, Whoosh whoosh! and on and on…and on…}

Unlike like the girl in the carnival show in a pretty dress who has practiced her china balancing skills for years and is deftly trained at keeping them all rotating atop those little poles… I can’t hang with that…

When I don’t think through my “Yeses” in a wise way…when I take on too much at one time…when I try to spin my plates in my own strength and time… it never ends well.

Pardon me, may I borrow a broom and dustpan?

circus+girl+vintage+image+graphicsfairy009bimage via The Graphics Fairy

{I’m not sure where her plates are or how she’s holding onto that horse, but I’ll guarantee those theatrics won’t last long…}

So here’s to wisdom. To planning and contemplating where our “best yes” lies. To not overextending ourselves any longer. If you’re busy and barely hanging on ::juggling:: spinning plates:: feeling unbalanced:: and rushed::  or if you just find yourself in a mess of broken dishes and dreams, I’m praying for you and want you to know there’s hope.

The LORD will work out his plans for my life — for your faithful love, O LORD, endures forever. Don’t abandon me, for you made me. ~Psalm 138:8

3 thoughts on “The Spinning Plate Conundrum

  1. You have no idea how very inspiring this was to me this am as I returned to work. thanks for your insight into a very mature topic for all of us women! Thanks for being such a good friend!


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