State of the Union

Right now in my brain there are no less than 26.8 different things going on…all piling on one another. From business brainstorming to what’s for dinner to sewing project planning. My best girl once shared a video she stumbled upon explaining how in women’s brains all the things we think about are connected- synapses all firing together and linked up just like the world wide web. The video went on to explain how man’s brains differ. All of their thoughts file easily into “boxes” like work and family and food, etc. and there is no touching of any of those boxes.None.Ever… And there’s a “nothing” box as well- like a default “no thought” at all box- if you glance at your betrothed right now sitting on the couch, he may just be blissfully accessing that box…

Seriously, I really need to get me one of those boxes…

Scarily Interestingly, I think the state of my house reflects my state of mind… Or maybe my mind begets my house… Either way those two are definitely linked up some how. Right now to go along with all the things piling up in my mind, there’s a pile in my sewing area that looks like this…

Etsy fabric finds_cropped2

I shall dub this pile: Things for the Etsy shop mingling with fabric for my super special slipcover extravaganza….details soon..! {it’s my goal to have the Etsy venture up and running by August 1st… don’t laugh… I can do this…}

Well, that pile’s not so bad you may think…however if you pan on out, you’re greeted with this…

springsummerwatermarkedHey more suff!! That’s my work pile for the weekend. Sewing for clients is always fun and those summer stripey cushions are going to be beautiful!

But it’s all good stuff. Sewing, designing, sharing, encouraging and brainstorming ideas of things to make and sew and alter and present for you guys to love and adore in your own homes are all some of my favorite things that I’m passionate about… well that and Chuy’s chips and salsa… ahem..

So I’m just going to take a deep breath and Start. Today. Somewhere. On something. Scouts honor. Because sometimes I get overwhelmed by the piles… kind of a “pile paralysis” you could say and I might go off and do anything other than deal with those things…

For example, I started reading Annie Down’s new book “Let’s All Be Brave” this week… Wonderful, beautiful and encouraging– this chic is so young and so wise! But I had to forcefully remove it from myself because I was devouring it and I really want to savor it and dwell on a lot of it…and I really needed to be digging into something else..!

Even before reading her book I was starting my brave kick by ordering a pile of that white piping {say that five times fast..heh..} laying upon those stripes above….though it should arrive on a spool… a five hundred yard spool to be exact. I don’t think I lost my mind… I just decided to plan ahead because every time I got a sewing job lately it brought on the obligatory trip to the fabric store {downtown! eek!} to buy what was required for just that job when I knew the next month I’d probably need the same stuff. Again. So I’m streamlining the process…  exercising my bravery if you will… and trusting that I will continue to have sewing work..!

So here’s to courage this weekend to tackle our piles but allow for the sheer bliss of nothingness too! Tell me what’s on tap for you guys the next 2 days?

Happy Weekend Everyone!

piping brave

Let the games begin…

And P.S If you need anything sewn with piping, I’m now very prepared…!

3 thoughts on “State of the Union

  1. Linda Nuckols says:

    I need one of those “nothing boxes”! I wonder where we can get one! Good luck with your new venture! I hope it is a huge success!


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