A Slipcover in 9 Easy Steps…

this end up Collage numbered

1. Find a willing subject…and have a handy how-to ready if you’re new to the process. (this gal has a wonderful DVD that I learned tons from when I first started out a few years back…)

2. Choose your fabric. If you can’t decide, use them all…Pre-wash then cut your big pieces first and progress on down to the smallest…

3. Pin the fabric on the main body of the chair, then let it sit in your dining room/sewing area for a week while you are stricken to the couch with this.  On second thought, skip this step if you can…

4. Sew piping (because after buying this you no longer have to run to the store…) and start sewing cushion covers.

5. Sew main body together with painted nails because it makes you sew faster… or so this girl says

6. Test fit and ponder skirt options… mini or maxi? straight or ruffled? none…?!

7. Choose to add a ruffle…but make sure you have the proper foot and needle size installed on your sewing machine and call it a day. Take a nap – you’ll need it.

8. Play with pillow options and admire reversible cushions—> shouldn’t all furniture be like this for those of us who change our minds so often??

9. Flip cushions back to the pink side again (darn decorating a.d.d) and wonder why you suddenly feel a craving for Neapolitan ice cream. Finish by taking 32 pictures hoping for at least one to turn out…

“Alright Mr. De Mille I’m ready for my close up…”



…and if you were staying tuned for kitchen cabinet chronicles…I apologize. I get sidetracked easily… and this chair had to get out of my dining room/sewing area because I was tired of walking around it. However now I shall walk around it in my living room because it doesn’t fit in there either… I actually moved the love seat from it’s spot just to photograph the chair for possible sale (!) and plot my next move…

And since the homeless love seat is kind of blocking the tv I should probably go move it back…!

Any exciting things you’ve started and finished lately?

this end up Collage numbered & titled


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