Scenes from a Couch

Oh hey…yeah I’m still here holding this sofa down…rehabbing from a “mid foot sprain”. What a catchy diagnosis…but at least it’s not broken… So a few thoughts about my time here as I’m busy “being” rather than “doing”…

foot view wm

1. I’m ready to revive my couch…what a blessing it was a few years ago and a much needed upgrade from the loveseat I hauled from house to house. {When you luck out with a 6 foot boy, you need a couch to match…!} And though it has served us well, the cushions could use some fluffing in the form of new foam… and maybe a little revamp of 2 cushions instead of 3 because once you put a fancy (or not so fancy) throw pillow on each end, the natural spot to plant yourself on falls right in the crack between the cushions…and after 4 days of being sequestered here in it, I think it’s time…

2. It’s not good for me to have unlimited tv time because after 2 episodes of “My Big Family Renovation” with the Hatmakers, 4 episodes of Junk Gypsies and one episode of I Brake for Yard Sales, I now have a great urge to move furniture and paint my kitchen cabinets turquoise…. it’s probably a good thing my foot is soaking in Epsom salts…and I can’t really walk well at this point…

hatmaker kitchen

Hatmaker Kitchen via HGTV

the range….the copper…the turquoise…oh my…

3. Soaking your feet in epsom salts 2x daily has rendered them the softest they’ve been since I was a baby. All the working out and walking of the past few years definitely took it’s toll and since I’m not inclined to sit still and soak anything, their maintence has been low on the grooming list. Let’s just say the husband is more than ok with this and no longer afraid for the safety of his own limbs if mine brush by him on the couch or in the bed…


Jolie’s Junk Gypsy kitchen via Junk Gypsy

…there are no words… just ♥♥♥…

4. And speaking of ♥ I found that I still ♥ sketch books and colored pencils… In absence of full mobility I was forced to draw pictures… and use my crayola and imagination to convince the husband of my super cool new ideas for our little home verses shoving furniture around or whipping out the paint while he’s gone and getting his opinion when he returns …See # 2. It was like an instant transport back to 1993 when I would sit with my art stuff all around me and draw until my hands were smudged in graphite and every color in the box had been used…I think we should color every day…!

kitchen sketch wm

5. God is here. A few weeks ago, I signed up for a book review off Holley Gerth’s blog. She’s a Christian author who’s releasing a new devotional book soon. I had forgotten about the book but guess what came in the mail Saturday… and guess who had unlimited amounts of time to sit with it and take it all in… and with the title being “What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days” guess whose hand is definitely in all of this…?? If there was ever a weekend where I needed some uplifting after the ups and downs of this predicament it was this one…I can’t wait to finish it and share my review with you all… God has definitely got this.

6. Things did not fall apart and the world did not end because I couldn’t finish a sewing project or cook a meal or sweep a floor and I realized I tend to put a lot of unrealistic expectations on myself regarding to my to-do list…some days I definitely convince myself it’s a HAVE to-do list. Overachiever much? Yeah that’s me. The world kept turning and my little house did not fall into ruin… And I think maybe resting for 6 or 7 hours at night with my eyes shut in sleep is not the only form of rest I’m allowed either. But there’s an active rest as well. One where you can sit still and enjoy that time expanding your mind maybe through writing, drawing, watching, or talking and it’s ok…

So what’s the scene from your couch this week?

foot view2 wm

..bonus pic of the hoof… Happy Monday!

15 thoughts on “Scenes from a Couch

    1. Heather says:

      Aww you’re very welcome!! Thank you for your comments girl! I knew you were cool from your taste in blog designs…{wink wink] : ) Thanks for following!! And yes I love to draw stuff out… just got a little snazzy with the colors last weeked. And the foot is MUCH better thanks! : ) Looking forward to being blog buddies : ) Have a rockin’ weekend!


    1. Heather says:

      yes!! I’ve been trying to get mine on board with recovering and moving the sofa for years!!! Try pictures and if all else fails, just do it! You can always paint over it or move it back!! haha! Thanks for your comment on my little blog!


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