Day 18 :: An Intentional Saturday of Home Making

 Happy Weekend everyone!

Today I have been getting all intentional in the home making department…cleaning…sweeping…laundry…organizing (I finally got into those kitchen cabinets y’all except I got a little gun shy when it came to taking the doors off…!)…and a little sewing…

halloween swag

A little home-made scrappy Halloween swag. I can’t help myself…

Some days it’s nice to step away from the computer. When we’re too attached to it sometimes it doesn’t leave enough room for the rest of the people in our homes…

As I sat down to make sure I had a video in order for Sunday School tomorrow I ran across this devotion I had pinned from a few weeks back about living out a dishtowel faith as we sew, as we wash up dishes, and as we love on the people in our houses and outside of it. Seemed a fitting end for a Saturday of chores.

What do your Saturdays look like? Do you step away from the computer?

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3 thoughts on “Day 18 :: An Intentional Saturday of Home Making

  1. I love the dishtowel analogy. You are awesome girl. How true. Being true to God all the time, in all we do and in all we say.


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