Day 17 :: Embracing the Season…in my Home

My in-law womenfolk are seriously wonderful at this. And I love them for it. You will know which holiday is coming up simply by looking at their houses. Halloween goes up in August and Christmas comes out soon after…as in if there are no trick-o-treaters, that tree is going up. Kidding…maybe. They are on top of things you guys. Until I met them I had no seasonal decorations to speak of. Spring, Fall, Summer – didn’t matter- the house looked pretty much the same. I was lucky to get Christmas up before Christmas Eve… and don’t get me started on taking it down…in my less than disciplined world, Christmas had been known to linger until a certain heart shaped holiday in February…

But being around them the past few years has served to inspire me to really enjoy the season with some decorations that make me smile. So in honor of those dear girls I got all intentional this year (before October 30th even! I know, it’s shocking!) and I stepped up my game. {Sidenote: half of the decorations seen here were gifts from my mother or mother-in-law…I guess they wanted me to get some festive feelings going on…!}

halloweeny collage

I don’t do creepy Halloween but I’m not adverse to a little kooky Halloween. I also realized that I have a sorta spooky furniture vibe happening with my love of old things… and dust… and spider webs…pay no attention to those last two things… I’m embracing the season remember??

wm pumpkin

I like pumpkins- especially those I don’t have to carve…

under glass

…googly eyed spiders under glass are ok with me… the ones booking across the floor at 8:30 at night while I’m washing dishes, not so much.

photo 2

Funny fake tombstones, check. The boy and I made these our first Halloween together…

wm lights 2

I call them my spider web lights…the strand was long so I had to improvise and wrap them around the other side of the door. They will probably stay up til Christmas…because they’re pretty at night …and old habits die hard…!


I told the husband the rats were me and him…and he sorta laughed…

The only thing missing are some bats….!

How do you decorate for the holidays?

Oh and I couldn’t help leaving you with the Best Funny Halloween Bugs Bunny cartoon ever…ok in my opinion…click below and Enjoy!

Abraca-pocus Y’all…!

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7 thoughts on “Day 17 :: Embracing the Season…in my Home

  1. rebeccaforrest says:

    Fun! I don’t like creepy Halloween things either. I actually tend to avoid some stores when they start pulling out the creepy Halloween stuff. I’m more a a Fall/Harvest/ Thanksgiving decorator. But I do like a good dress up Halloween Party and handing out treats! 🙂 Happy Friday!


    1. Heather says:

      Haha! I do too! But I’m all for funny Halloween! We never get trick or treaters though! I didn’t know I still liked dressing up until I went to my sister-in-law’s Halloween party a few years ago- she does a theme every year and it is a blast. This year is Wizard of Oz. Last year was the old west. Year before was the 1950’s. Happy Friday to you to girl!


  2. Linda Nuckols says:

    Hey, Daughter! Your “in-law womenfolk” are not the only ones who decorate for the holidays/seasons!! Did you forget that your dear old Mom does too!! That flat spot you designed in my renovated kitchen is the perfect spot to show off all the lovely things I have collected over the years for the different seasons, holidays, etc! I just wish I had a different place other than the pool room to store all the boxes of things! Anyway, I love your decorations…are those lights orange? Hope you have a restful weekend. See you Sunday! ~ Love, Mom


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