Down for the Count

All week long this song has been rolling through my head…

be still my soul

Monday my soul was definitely not inclined to be motionless. But peace did eventually prevail… It’s still been a weird kind of week- this precurser to shifting tides and schedules has been interesting. After getting a handle on my mind and emotions though something else popped up to do me in…a random ache in my ankle and arch of my foot which started as just a minor thing at the beginning of the week and left me limping and wincing in pain each time I tried to put weight on my foot by last night. All signs point to a tendon/muscle issue… and the first order of business for treatment is rest. As in no walking… as in no working… as in feet propped up and rear plopped down on the couch… For real…

Guess that song was all about preparing me…

I’m a fast walker and I’m really not inclined to sit still. Not during the day. Not when the sun is shining and projects are unfinished and there’s chores to be done…

But here I am… Still. God wanted my body at rest as well as my mind.

I’m not a big fan of being brought to a screeching halt but maybe it’s a lesson in who’s really in control… And as painful as it is to sit here and not motivate around it’s not half as painful as if I kept playing through the pain and seriously did some irreversible damage…

So after an intense pity party of one early this morning, I had to just get over myself and let it be.

There are perks to the timing… my best girl was available to come and bring her vast selection of ankle and arch support braces…don’t ask how she came about them all, but at least I make handy choices in friends. {kidding…} She also served up some awesome chicken salad and gave the boy a ride to his job. We laughed over how ironic it was that she texted me a picture just yesterday that said “You might not know this…but I’d go out of my way just to make sure that you’re ok.” The original plan from earlier in the week was for me to go to her house for a walk but I thought I’d test out that text to see if she really meant it..! {she wasn’t kidding}

Also, at least it’s the weekend and there’s no pressing plans or sewing work to be finished. And at least it’s not poison ivy… Last year about this same weekend I had an unfortunate run in with that nasty plant and spent the next 2 weeks including my wedding anniversary itchy and calamined up. When faced with that choice I’ll take limited mobility any day over that ordeal! Time and epsom salt soaks cure all wounds…!

So thanks for reading today and hopefully I’ll be back up and running soon! There is a half-sewn half-pinned slipcover calling my name from the other room but she’ll just have to wait until I watch a few more Thin Man movies and rest the hoof for a little while more…

progress wm

King David said this about him: ‘I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me.  No wonder my heart is filled with joy, and my mouth shouts his praises! My body rests in hope.~ Acts 2:25-26

Happy Weekend friends!

7 thoughts on “Down for the Count

  1. Heather, I’m so sorry you are having to “be still”….. I know it’s hard for you! Praying that the ankle is better really soon. Love the song. Listened to it on You tube just now. Can’t wait to hear you & Aunt Georgia sing it in church next month. What day? Love you! Mom


    1. Yeah… me too! Thank you! Sorry I wasn’t all the way awake this morning! Not sure what day – I’ll have to check my book- but it’s just that tune with different words. Love you too!


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