Multiplied Contentment

When I wake up feeling done before I’ve begun and thinking it’s gonna be a doozy of a day, it’s nothing but a God-thing to be led to these scriptures from Psalm 73 in my morning readings…

psalm 73 nails wm

So I steel myself for another day and resolve to take those words to heart. I won’t lie- it’s hard sometimes I feel like I can’t catch a break- unless I’m breaking a glass…poor little rooster juice glass I am truly sorry I am so clumsy… and sometimes everything just feels full of holes I can’t plug…like in our new to us explorer’s radiator. But luckily I have a handy husband and a more than gracious God who can take whatever little speck of glittery hope I’m left with and multiply it into a shining spectacle of His glory.

He proves Himself over and over.

So I set my dial and heart to the positive hits station and almost right in a row they play three of my new favorites



Hope in Front of Me

And then I’m led to this article which in turn points me to this blog: Living Well Spending Less

big directional signs

{quote by Lysa Terkeurst}

I’m reminded without a doubt my God is right here with me and always for me.

And He’s for you too. This gal did an excellent job of sharing those thoughts a few days ago so I won’t try to elaborate but instead point you here: Flower Patch Farmgirl

Lord take this tiny speck of glitter that is my hope and transform it into a spectacle of your glory. When I’m weak and small be my shelter and my guide. Make my heart ever grateful and fixed totally on you.

Happy Thankful Thursday everyone!

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