Producing Pearls


So it seems I couldn’t let the theme of my last post go… I’ve been busy over here producing pearls– because that sounds a lot better than admitting that I’m feeling agitated…!

In a small “Aha” moment last week that verse in James finally came a little more clear for me: Consider it JOY when troubles drive you into God’s presence– For prayer– For comfort….Because anything bad that brings you closer to God can be considered good — all in an effort to produce those pretty pearls in our lives…

It was quite a funky Father’s day weekend. What started on Saturday with cleaning out the gutters and finagling furniture to compliment a new rug ended with remnants of a tropical storm blowing through and taking out trees, power and my peace around our hacienda. Extension chords and generators took over where half finished decorating and ceiling fan projects left off. Pretty much none of this was what I had planned. Oh how I should know better by now. It was almost exactly a year after this post... and I’m guessing I wasn’t quite finished learning my lesson since I was facing quite a similar situation again.

I’m a little stubborn and a lot forgetful sometimes. Just ask my menfolk… or maybe not..!

The assurance that everything has a season has popped up more than once the past few weeks. Maybe pointing me to an important footnote regarding the things that want to get in and irritate me. But these ‘sandy’ situations will not last forever. Even if what we deem as troublesome lasts an hour, a day, a month or our entire physical life on this tiny planet, they cannot pass into eternity with us. There is always hope in a heavenly inheritance and there will indeed be a day with NO more tears. 

In SS I’ve been teaching the kids about prayer. What it is, how to pray, the ways God answers, and roadblocks to prayer. Let me just say how much a teen SS lesson can humble you when you’re battling those selfish prayers making notes with a flashlight and preparing for the morning ahead… powerless. Doubt, sin and selfish motives all pile up to cause delays in the way God answers. In light of those things, I’m pretty sure at this point I need to check myself before I wreck myself…

Because I’m reminded again and again that God’s way more concerned with our character over our comfort.

Maybe I should be too…

That supposed comfort I find in those 15 extra minutes of sleep isn’t really benefiting me as much as maybe going to bed early to allow for that extra Jesus and coffee time at daybreak that I seem to be craving more and more. And the seemingly justified release of complaints over my ‘powerless’ situation isn’t nearly as beneficial as using my words for good and encouraging things- even in the midst of my darkness.

Character over comfort.

A little more Mary and a lot less Martha is what I need to lean towards.

Sometimes God holds up little mirrors to make you pay attention to those outside your shell. Because one of the goals of this Christian life is to live unselfishly… to pray for others before yourself as a wise woman once wrote… and there-in lies another key I think to this untwisting of our underclothes when we tend to get them in a bunch…

Maybe I need a pause for the cause. A lot more powerful prayer for others and lot less petty petitions for little ol’ me.

Yesterday I found a YouTube channel with over 3 hours of praise and worship songs. It became the soundtrack to my day- it helped me focus. There were no commercials and no chatter between songs just continuous life giving music for my mind to settle into while I completed my tasks. And as much as I wanted to run away before the day even started by an hour into it, those troubles truly were starting to melt away. Though I’ve still felt shaky and not sure-footed as a deer at all, He promises that with Him I will not stumble. Physical therapy is stretching, strengthening and teaching me new ways to manage just as these little trials do.

The dishes are only partially done and the table is still strewn with remnants of last nights sewing job. There are exposed wires, a few rattled nerves, a couple of bruised dreams and a busted lamp– (taken out by the old rolled up rug that instead of staying propped up in the corner fell over during the night and almost garnered a 911 call according to my husband who was manning the dark house while the boy and I evacuated to cooler quarters at my parents late Saturday night…)– all still waiting to be fixed–  but I know know how to find peace in the middle of the storms…

He’s my pearl of great price…


In need of more encouragement? (I’m definitely raising my hand..!) check out Miss Holley’s site…

12 thoughts on “Producing Pearls

  1. ok…. so, your calling in writing and inspiration is justified in the HELP you give me everytime I read your posts. You REALLY need to submit to some sites/sources so you can go more global/viral and perhaps earn $$ for your WORK!!!!
    love, Debbie

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    1. ♥♥ I love you too! ♥♥ You’re making me blush… and laugh with your global/viral scheme…! LOL! Thank you for YOUR encouragement as always!! Hope you are still on the mend –though I did enjoy greatly getting to chauffeur you last week! xoxo


  2. I love your idea of making pearls and had to laugh at your being a little agitated! With my name being Maggie meaning pearl it just struck me how perhaps I also run to the aggravation and not always to the peace. Enjoyed your post.

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    1. I never knew that’s what the name Maggie meant!! How cool! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment my dear! I’m humbled… xoxo Have a wonderful day! ♥


  3. Heather,
    Oh friend, you have had a lot of stress bumping into your life lately! But they’re just new opportunities to see new sides of the One who walks through them with us (preaching to myself here, just so you know! :)) And oh, thank you for the linky-love (I’m trying out that phrase on you — it’s kind of so not me!) I laughed at the rug falling over and breaking the lamp but I am sorry if it was a favorite — but it made for a funny story! I love how God had a word for you in the midst of your lesson for teens. Sometimes I’m struck by something in my own blog post and I know it’s him calling my attention to it! Hang in there, my friend!

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    1. I love the way you put this: “stress bumping into you”!! And I regularly find myself needing to take whatever advice I may be dishing out to others to heart as well! ♥ You’re so welcome for the “linky-love” but I agree I can’t roll with that terminology either…! haha! Lamp is fixable- no worries! That’s why God made superglue! Thanks for your sweet words today ♥♥


  4. Thanks for this inspiring post, Heather. II like the part about going to bed earlier to allow for more time in the morning in devotion. Wonderful post and a beautiful blog… Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.

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