For When There’s Sand in Your Shell

Confession: I have a little sand in my shell…

I wish I could say it’s from the beach but that’s somewhere we don’t visit often.


{image via The Graphics Fairy…. and frankly she cracks me up because it’s as if she’s giving that look of “seriously?” but it’s probably just my projection given my mood!}

Though I was thoughtfully prepared for suffering prior to the onset of my affliction on almost back to back days by both James, Peter and Paul in my daily devotions last month… I have to admit I didn’t handle the onset all that well. To consider it a great opportunity for joy is not how I typically see health trouble. Who does? And when something strange is happening to me I’m not as inclined to be glad either… A hot mess may come a little closer to how I really feel.

Everyone has some burden to endure – we are human after all. It may be a physical, emotional or relationship trouble, but I’ll bet you there’s no one out there not struggling with something. But Jesus tells up repeatedly to cast our cares on Him and he will provide rest.

So I’ve been all over Psalm 23 this week. Trying to commit it to memory.

Longing for a green pasture and a quiet stream to escape to if I’m being really honest.

When the anxiety hit in the middle of the night all I muster up to focus on was Joshua 1:9— and it worked, but I’m wanting to add some more weapons to my arsenal of truth.

I’m not usually an anxiety ridden person. I have a penchant for planning and thinking my way through scenarios in my head but it never comes to a physical adrenaline ridden heart palpitating rush unless it concerns my health apparently. This numbness and ache in my right leg that’s befallen me intermittently for the last month finally came to a head– as in I finally realized I couldn’t fix it on my own – and after doctor’s appointments and x-rays, I’m physical therapy bound for further investigation. It’s not painful, just annoying… and that’s probably where my biggest hiccup is– how I let the little grains of sand in to irritate my soul.

A few things I’m learning: I tend towards indignation a little too easily- sometimes before I have all the facts.

As much as I loathe times of feast or famine and all or nothing, they are indeed bound to happen and that’s a fact I’ve seen proved over and over in the bible, but they are temporary and absolutely no cause for “always” or “never” attitudes. Though I have a lot of say in how I care for my people and myself, some things are just plain out of my hands.

I’ll be a lot better off if instead of worrying, I started glorying in the one whose hands they are in.

me and merchandise

In the midst of all this the show went off without a hitch last week. {that’s me above setting up the square thingy on my phone oblivious that mom was doing her picture thing…} God supremely blessed every effort we put forth. It was fun! It was hot! It was exciting! It was windy! But the weather held and we strangely came home with more and less.

Less physical stuff because people purchased and kept purchasing and more assurance from God that I was right where I was supposed to be. And while I was thinking back on the conversations started and connections made, the picture of the cute blonde RVA Antiques shop girl popped in my head.

She was carting around donuts and passing them out to all the vendors as we set out our wares.

She was dressed all in black, with her tan shop apron tied low on her waist, a chic red bow tied in her stylish bob and strands upon strands of pearls…layers of luster swinging from her neck.

apron keys

Pearls are formed out of irritation.

That one grain of sand that works it’s way into that poor little clam shell and emerges as a beautiful and desired prize.

But they don’t shift change from sand to shine overnight. There are years of work involved to cover that sand in layers of opulent material much like our patient endurance of trouble produces character in the long run.

This has been my ‘aha’ moment this week. Something so extraordinary that it could only be designed by a loving and thoughtful God.

I’m examining those verses in James and Peter and Romans and considering how like a pearl I can learn to cover my troubles in faith.

Because covering everything in worry won’t have quite the same result…


So I told you that to tell you this: Because Friday posts have become my favorites,  (or actually my only posts for the past few weeks…!)

I couldn’t leave you without passing along five inspiring things to listen to and read this week while you’re busy making your own pearls…. 

♥ This sweet song by another talented blogging, teaching and singing gal. Scroll allll the way to the bottom of her post to hear their version…. and while you’re there, check out some of her other work you won’t be disappointed.

This song… another oldie but goodie… takes me a while I know, but this line hit me between the eyes this morning: “Because this broken road, reveals your plan for me…”

♥ And yes again, I found another MercyMe song…. they just get me…or maybe I get them, I don’t know… either way just go listen…

♥ A friend led me to this post from a few days back. I had missed it but I’m glad she didn’t… It’s been my mantra this week: Just do the next thing God told you to do…

♥ And this post…. O how I’m trying to make quiet the new loud. Are you craving this too?


Share with me my friends? I’m all ears about what you’re working through this week.


Learn how to produce pearls when sand in your shell

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13 thoughts on “For When There’s Sand in Your Shell

  1. Heather,
    How I echo your thoughts of looking for rest and quiet — space for our souls to recover and retreat. This is so much more difficult when we have something on our minds, but I think it’s those times that God has the opportunity to show us his peace — a new side of him — that might be inexplicable with the whirlwind of worries inside our heads but we know this peace surpasses all of our understanding. Praying that for you this weekend and for improvement physically too! Love the photos from the show — wearing pink must have worked! 🙂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ♥♥♥ Thanks Valerie!! ♥♥♥ Yes the pink may have worked it’s magic! Looking rest is a continual struggle it seems we all face– and our bodies will definitely tell us when we’re not doing it right!! LOL! I cherish your prayers so much friend! XO


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