30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Rain


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Today is one of those days I knew was coming.

You know how you can just tell from the get-go that it’s going to be a tough one as you squint with a raised eyebrow through one eye and decide without fanfare you’d rather squeeze them both back shut. There is little motivation to meet the day much less seize it. And to find something to be thankful for may require more creativity than you currently have on tap.

Yeah it’s one of those days.

Maybe I didn’t sleep well. Maybe I’ve got some unresolved sand in my shell or maybe I’m just weary from confronting unmet expectations.

Even my prayers feel like dry crumbs versus the living water it felt like God was pouring out in previous days.

But faithfully I plugged along.

Lunch packed. Bible read. Water consumed. Prayer date kept.

And then it started to rain.

And I realized even rain is worth being thankful for.

If you carefully obey the commands I am giving you today, and if you love the Lord your God and serve him with all your heart and soul, then he will send the rains in their proper seasons—the early and late rains—so you can bring in your harvests of grain, new wine, and olive oil. ~ Deuteronomy 11:13-14

We can look at rain as a bad thing because of what usually comes with it– clouds, dampness, downpours, mud and sometimes even scary thunder.

Or we can look at the rain as the answer to our dryness. The catalyst to our growth.


Just when we think we’re parched and all emptied out he stands ready to bring streams into our desert to refresh and renew. It’s in this small faithful promise keeping on our part that God will recognize and pour out showers of blessing just when we think we can’t go on.

So while I watch the puddle outside my window grow and wish for the sun that I saw yesterday I’m comforted by the rhythm of rain drops and that God is with me in every season- the rainy and the dry.

rainbow cropped

What’s your rain gauge reading? Are you thankful in the midst of the storm?

6 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Rain

  1. Ohhh– when the rain falls, things start to grow — it’s true, isn’t it?! So simple yet we look at our washed out hopes and our muddy dreams and think that we are washed up, but that’s just when we might start to grow, if we lean into God! I’m going to tuck these thoughts under my pillow as I head to sleep tonight — sweet dreams, friend! xo

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  2. I am with you about the rain. After being in bed sick Tuesday and Wednesday, I was looking forward to Thursday, then it was cloudy and rainy. (not my favorite time) I had to go to work and push forward. On the way home it was clearing to the West and the sun shined through right before it went down. The perfect end to a slow drippy day. I am feeling better and the sun is shining so bright. God is there, even in the rain and mud. That’s what keeps me going each day. We need to grow as well and God gives us sunshine and we also need some rain in our lives. His living water is always there. I am thankful I feel better and God is with me. Thanks for your uplifting praise.

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    1. I’m so glad you are feeling better! We missed you Wed. PM. I love when the sun peaks through as a promise just when we need it ; ) The “son” makes all the difference after the rain. ♥


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