The Fixer and the Writer

I am a fixer…and a re-arranger. But I have never thought of myself as a writer. I never majored in English. I majored in design.  Shape, color, form, function- those are all in my arsenal of useful things I know a lot about. But it seems like God’s been working on me. Write, He says and I reply are you nuts? Because you know I’m not a writer. I’m not even a talker…unless you count all the times I talk to myself… But I digress….

Since childhood, I loved to draw and craft and I loved to move around all the furniture in my room on a regular basis. (apparently I haven’t changed much..!) As a kid, I would hole up in my room at my desk and bead and hot glue away to the wee hours of the night.  When I was 14, I pressed my nose to the window every day as the contractors building an addition at our house and I would explore it thoroughly every night when they left. I wanted to know how it all came together together… What held it all up..?

Every time I had a school project with the option to create something I was in my element. Between my dad and me we reconstructed a log cabin out of tree branches, a castle out of pop-top canisters and cardboard and Jamestown out of popsicle sticks. (I would like to thank my mom who never threw anything away and always kept our building materials well stocked…!) When we weren’t creating something, he let me run power tools and showed me how to change tires and bleed brakes. This fixer/crafter mentality I possess was definitely not by chance. It was modeled and cultivated every day of my childhood.

So what in the world does this pull to write mean? I really have no idea yet. Maybe it’s an outlet. A mind order-er.  (See- I make up words…did I mention I’m not a writer..?) If I can put it all on paper, then maybe I can cut and paste and edit and rearrange it until it all makes sense. Maybe it’s a way to process things…

So maybe all this can go hand in hand somehow. The shapes and colors and design and the words… I’m open Lord… Write your story on me.

dad_HL build

You’re welcome for the kitty cat t-shirt and over sized flannel throwback…!

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