Unexpected Findings

I’m not sure about you guys, but for me even when I take a day off, I’m never able to turn everything in my brain ‘off’. I’ve always got some agenda to accomplish or some reason to be up and at ’em. I think I’m just wired to keep moving or I go to sleep…!

Last week, I took a day and left out early to accomplish an oil change, but tried to make the trip do double duty by taking care of some other business… ahem, thrifting…

It may have been the Nester or someone else along the way who said planning your trip and having a list of what you are after is helpful when treasure hunting. So I made a list- supposing it would be a great help to keep me from being distracted by every pretty, shiny, chippy, vintage, painted thing I saw…


On my list:

  • some sort of shelving for the kitchen- I have a bare wall… I can’t stand it…
  • retro looking alarm clock…in pink..! (I saw one on eBay and it’s officially on my radar as a replacement for my poor clock radio that bit the dust during our little power problem of 2014…)
  • large glass jars or canisters- because I may or may not remove some of my cabinet doors…(don’t get nervous just yet sweet husband..!) I’m merely thinking ahead should the need arise for pretty storage…especially if it’s low cost…
  • fabric or some kind of fabric inspiration for a chair I’m getting ready to cover…curtains, coverlets, shower curtains, large yardages for low $$$…the key is creativity here… You can make anything work…even drop cloths…!

Well, my loves, as you are probably familiar with, sometimes plans work out and sometimes they don’t…

People may make plans in their minds, but the Lord decides what they will do. ~ Proverbs 16:9

I really need to get on board with this…!

Because in reality, I returned with nothing I had on that list…!

Oh, I did accomplish the oil change and I did come back with a front seat full of brown paper bags…

bag lady_wmThough neither bag is quite shelving size…or big enough for fabric…

Sorry list, I gave you a fair shot…

Sometimes ya gotta roll with it when you find it in this business of thrifting…

Do you wanna see the loot? Of course you do..!

flower tin & fireking_wmThe cute white pulls came from a sweet surprise of a shop just down the road- Renew Home Furnishings… {It has turquoise shutters on painted grey brick… it called to me…we were meant.to.be…}

The oval ones are reminiscent of the RCA cabinet pulls in our living room… and I had a brain wave when I got home about those cuties…more to come on that one…! The flourished handle, no clue yet… I’m still searching Pinterest and waiting for the epiphany… What made this score even better was that the owners of said cute grey shop with happy shutters are fellow Goochland folks… P.S. Go support their sweet little business- they do all kinds painting and remaking of furniture and have an ever expanding show room of homey finds ready to take home…!

The three big items in the back hail from The Clothes Closet which is also in Goochland (some days I don’t make it very far…!)  It’s totally hit or miss here but sometimes you walk away with a Fire King mixing bowl (with a pour spot..!) a beat up tin with a rose because you couldn’t walk away from the colors and a little tiny crate well, because it’s tiny and it’s a crate… (actually that baby may satisfy the start of my salvaged kitchen ‘shelving’…hmm…stay tuned…)

Though I came back with a different outcome than I expected it did get me thinking that thrifting, flea marketing and going to yard sales are so reminiscent of other lessons in life…When I’m looking for something, I’m learning to be flexible and patient when I don’t find it immediatelyjust like I’ve got to be able to wait for answers and direction when I ask God for something. {by the way, He’s not operating on my time at all..!} And sometimes I’m left high and dry because there’s something better coming down the pike if only I’m willing to wait…

 I’m also learning that sometimes I have really high expectations for stuff that simply doesn’t exist..!

Sometimes the lesson is to step back and reevaluate that age old battle, need vs. want… In the case of decor and thrifting, it takes the shape of do i have something already on hand that can work? Something that can be recreated or revived? In life, is my attitude about the situation what needs a little refinishing..?? Am I really being content with what I have?

More than anything though, I’m learning…


Just keep praying, searching, asking, and looking up!

Yeah I know that pink vintage alarm clock may be as elusive as a unicorn riding a unicycle but the fun is found in the search..!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. ~Jeremiah 29:13

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