Day 2 :: Baby Steps to an Abundant Intentional Life…

in·ten·tion: noun {plural noun: intentions} 1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.  Ex: “she was full of good intentions

in·ten·tion·al·ly: adverb 1. deliberately; on purpose; by design; conscienciously. Ex: “I didn’t do it intentionally”

As I thought about this theme of living intentionally yesterday- ya know when I decided to do this whole challenge thing for real about 1:45 pm… {see random…this is why I need direction…!} I started thinking about that Andy Andrews book “The Noticer” and specifically the story about the seagulls…

“Despite popular belief to the contrary, there is absolutely no power in intention. The seagull may intend to fly away, may decide to do so, may talk with the other seagulls about how wonderful it is to fly, but until the seagull flaps his wings and takes to the air, he is still on the dock. There’s no difference between that gull and all the others. Likewise, there is no difference in the person who intends to do things differently and the one who never thinks about it in the first place. Have you ever considered how often we judge ourselves by our intentions while we judge others by their actions? Yet intention without action is an insult to those who expect the best from you.”

Seems there’s more power in living intentionally than just with intentions… and I’m sure I’ve yammered about those seagulls before… déja ‘vu…?  But the thing is we’re all living with intentions- or plans to go here or there or do this or that, but are we living intentionally? Because the difference is that when we’re living the adverb of “intentionally” we are actually acting a certain way or making a deliberate choice on how we do something.

more abundantly peach rose

God came on purpose and intentionally not just to give us life, but give it abundantly. The more I think on it, the more I realize we should live it like we mean it. On purpose. Intentionally and in gratitude at the very least.

This living {and writing!} intentionally will take DISCIPLINE no doubt about it…and the last time I had discipline in abundance was 2006-07 when I lost about 40 pounds…I had a purpose- to sweat and be smaller and healthier… I also had unlimited amounts of time and it was the best free therapy {those endorphins are priceless y’all} after being side-swiped by divorce…but that’s a story for a different day…

“The very fact that we long for the change we do is a sign that we are meant to have it. Our very dissatisfaction with our weaknesses and struggles points to the reality that continuing to live in them is not our destiny.” ~ Stasi Eldredge, “Free to be Me”

So today, I made the bed without lament. I cheerfully added the 3 new tasks floating in my head to my ever growing to-do list and plotted out this post 1st thing like it was my j.o.b. instead of losing myself somewhere down the bunny trail of the internet while I finished my coffee… baby steps you guys. The best thing is you can do it too…!

I’m ready to switch gears, get out of my rut and live life on purpose… how about you?

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