Five of the Best Things I’ve Heard All Week…


If I’m being totally honest, this was the hardest, longest “shortest” week ever…! Sheesh… I have a hard time letting go of worrying about all.the.details that accompany this life…. oh, you too? I say we make a pact to ditch all the mess we tell ourselves sometimes that’s just plain false! And in place of it, we choose Jesus and what he has to say about us.

So here are some real and solid truths that I held onto in the midst of my mental storm this week…and I’m sharing the link love with YOU because we can all use a little soothing and settling of our souls.

This song…  it’s been on repeat in my head since I heard it in an online church service last Sunday…

♥ But This song {which is a different arrangement on the song above because when you find a good thing you stick with it!} gosh, the end gets me every time…”I hear the chains falling” and the guitar riff… Oh Glory.

This post I read on Incourage this morning… specifically #5… You Are Mine… I melt. To tears. Yet again. Send a mop.

♥ And because I apparently draw a lot of strength from music, I threw this one back in the mix… The harmonies are divine… I can’t get enough of the tune or the message… Lift your eyes my friends and don’t hesitate one second to worship in the wait…

♥ Also I am apparently on a Bonnie Gray kick-I’m sorry or you’re welcome- This post … Amen. Such truth. Because I feel thoroughly embroiled in a whole mess of what if’s and choices to be made… maybe I should refer to this post daily…!

I spent my Memorial Day fiddling around with my display for the show on 6/6... (how did it get here so fast???)  I’m determined to be prepared [insert laugh here] and try to take some of my own advice! So far, well I’m just praying it all fits in the vehicle. And it doesn’t rain. And it’s not too muggy hot and humid… because I wilt easily. And people come. And I don’t forget anything.

Welcome to my brain on a vintage show. See, “what if’s and choices”. Oy.

But here’s what makes it all better: God is in control! 

So I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak…!

Nope, I can’t get enough of the anchor… but y’all know why… edited anchor


Tell me about your week??? Distract me! Save me from myself!

Need more inspiration? There’s lots of lovely ladies over here doling out anchors for your soul…

4 thoughts on “Five of the Best Things I’ve Heard All Week…

  1. Oh yes, let’s listen to what Jesus has to say about us and let that truth sink deep into our hearts! If only I could rummage around your booth at the vintage show, I’d scoop up the hello pillow for sure! Bonnie’s posts spoke deeply to me too this week — I returned to one of them several times throughout the day because I needed a fresh dose of its goodness! She is THAT good! 🙂 We are HIS, let’s never forget that, because it’s worth everything! xoxo

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    1. Amen and Amen!! I so wish you could come shop!! I think there’s going to be some really cool treasures! But none compare to the treasure I found in having a friend like you!!! ♥


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