Five Links to Fill Your Friday…

Gosh, y’all this week has been one thing after another thing… afflictions and chaos abounding, but I’m starting to see the other side of the valley. I’ve been digging in every sense of the word after last Friday’s post… digging into God’s word, digging a grave for a sweet animal, digging in my heels on a few situations and digging into piles of details yet to be determined for June’s show… But I’m coming up for air to share these with you my dears.

So here are the links I’m loving this week:

This verse that I stumbled onto yesterday… brought me right back around to my word for the year… Did you have a word too? Have you been living it? Truth be told I’ve been a little un-tethered from mine lately… But I’m slowing circling back around…


{image via The Graphics Fairy}

This song… I heard it twice in an hour and a half period… so I figured God really wanted to make sure I paid attention to the lyrics…

This post by Holley Gerth… shed a whole new light on using what I’ve been given…

♥ And this one too…. because apparently, sheep speak to me (not out loud…just the imagery in scriptures you know…) p.s. I still love these guys

This Streams in the Desert Devotional… “His waiting can’t be wrong.” Wow, did you need to hear that as much as me?? I’m waiting right here with you friend.

So tell me about your week? I’ve missed you! What are you loving? Leaning into? Waiting for?

Need more encouragement for your weekend? Check out Holley’s site…


10 thoughts on “Five Links to Fill Your Friday…

  1. Heather,
    You find the most beautiful images for your posts — roses and a ship to illustrate your word for the year — love it! Some weeks just test our ability to survive, much less thrive, don’t they? Your mention of sheep and being led reminded me of Bonnie Gray’s post this week at the Faith Barista. She wrote that we’re following a Person, not a plan. Love that! And maybe we should just see where God is leading us. Waiting with you but excited at all God has for you — especially in June with your show! xoxo


    1. Awww thanks Valerie! ♥ I wished that image was a little brighter, but I guess it is very fitting the way it is- not everything is bright and sunny all the tiem! Yes it was very much a surviving kind of week! I hope yours was better??!!! Love the sentiment of following a person and not a plan…I need to go check that post out! Trying not to outrun God today, but instead wait on HIS wishes! Thank you for your encouragement as always ♥♥ xoxo right back at ya!


  2. Love your pictures. Yes, we are following a person and not a plan. There are weeks that everything seems to be falling apart, but we just need to stop and look up and wait and listen. He will guide us. He guides me through music as I know he does you at times. You are such an inspiration. Love you girl. God bless.

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