When Nothing Fits {part 2}

{for part one, click here… seems I had a lot to say on the same topic 2 years ago…!}

Some mornings I stand in front of the closet for way too long contemplating what to wear. It’s not that nothing fits, it’s just that nothing seems to fit together. I tell myself I’m lacking some key pieces and I’m not wrong.

See, my shopping plan is really not a plan at all. It’s more of a luck of the draw. Typically I scour clearance racks until my arm can’t hold anymore and then spend eons in the dressing room trying it all on. An online shopper, I am not. I need to feel the material, check the size and consider the fit. Out of 18 things, I come out with 2 and still only have half an outfit once I get home.

And I think I’ve been going about this search for work that fits me in much the same disjointed way… afraid to make an investment or take the challenge to pull together what’s missing and opting instead for what’s left over.

God’s plan for your life is as special as you are.

Some days I still dream of owning a shop. Knee deep in knick-knacks and chippy painted vintage goodness my heart soars.

Then there’s the thought of being a online creative concierge helping others manage websites and social media. And lets not forget a penchant for moving furniture around coupled with a love for DIY would make me an awesome home organizer and re-designer.

Other days, my spirit leaps at the thought of leading women’s groups and planning retreats. Brainstorming beautiful settings, crafts and teaching draws out my inner arranger and the excitement of sharing truth in so many different forms is exhilarating.

{Cumberland Antiques}

But on top of it all, there’s this pull to put words on paper (and sometimes this sacred space) creating content that connects with you because whether you’re in Australia or Illinois this internet thing lets us share stories from our virtual homes and entertain angels – of which every one of you who read this blog are! – on a regular basis.

Some ideas I’ve tried on for a day like doing pop up shows or worn for a season like leading a bible study. Some I’ve merely admired through the storefront but may have to wait a while before I can afford the luxury.

Just like a cute dress for a cut price or a pretty handbag, maybe some of these ideas are simply wants and not needs. Hobbies rather than vocations. Accessories to something greater God has in store for me but has yet to reveal.

And it’s here I learn to pray, Lord don’t give me what I want, give me what I need.

Author Shana Schutte says: “As you pursue your God-given purpose, there will be plenty of problems to solve.”

  • First, pray and ask God to give you direction to do His will.
  • Second, define the problem.
  • Third, make a “What if?” list.
  • Then, allow your thoughts to chew on the problem for a period of time.
  • And don’t forget to expose yourself to situations in which your mind is relaxed or “at play.”

I scribble notes and I ponder what if’s. I try my best to define the problem but much like trying to figure out what’s missing in my closet my efforts fall flat.

And as I mull it all over for the millionth time I come to this conclusion:

The Lord is more concerned with our character than our career.

When we get caught up and stressed out trying to figure out all the missing pieces, we do well to remember this:

Our number one job: to glorify God and point people to Him.

We may not know what to do (or what to wear!) but every day we can become just a little more sure of who we want to be.

You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. ~ 1 Peter 3:4

So think clearly and exercise self-control. Look forward to the gracious salvation that will come to you when Jesus Christ is revealed to the world. ~ 1 Peter 1:13

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. ~ Proverbs 31:25-26

What do you want to be? I’d love to hear from you! And if you haven’t found the link yet to get your set of scripture cards, won’t you go and put your email in here? Thanks for being here friend. xo

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20 thoughts on “When Nothing Fits {part 2}

  1. Well hello! 🙂 I enjoyed how you took us on a shopping spree through the creative ideas that are simmering in your hands and hearts. Sometimes I think maybe we want the perfect outfit to come together when instead God wants us to try on new considerations of him and clothe ourselves in holiness. And maybe that journey actually takes a lifetime! So glad to read your thoughts here today and I’m hopeful that in time, one of these fabulous ideas will become a reality! xoxo

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    1. Hi friend! Thanks for hanging in here with me 🙂 I just keep praying for Him to put the right pieces together- I know He has a plan ♥ And a timeline that’s often not my own!! Here’s to being content no matter what our life (or closet) throws at us. xxoo Hope you are having a lovely week! And P.S. I finished 2 books in the stack this weekend! whoo hoo… progress! 🙂


  2. So many options, so little time, so many opportunities! I love how you’ve taken us here this morning … and I love that in the midst of all these decisions, God is inviting us to something deeper and more substantial in our faith.

    Everything else takes care of itself after that, one step at a time.

    Loved this post, Heather …

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    1. Hey Miss Linda, thanks for your sweet comment! Yes if we just deposit ourselves first and what He wants to work into our life, everything else will work itself out. Hallelujah! Hope you are having a lovely week! ♥


  3. I love this, Heather! First, I hate shopping for clothes. But I’ll pass a tip along that a friend shared. Don’t leave the store without a full outfit. Second, I love your heart. God uses all the details of what we are skilled at, what we enjoy, what we have learned, our experiences, and pulls it together into a beautiful, specific calling for His glory. Along the way, He works on our character. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you in the future! It’s going to be awesome! Much love, friend.

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    1. I love that tip!! And thank you for your thoughtful comment Kelly ♥ I know that He wastes nothing and every part of who He made us to be will come out beautifully put together in His time. Thanks for the sweet reminder today ♥♥


  4. “Lord don’t give me what I want, give me what I need.” That’s such a hard prayer to pray, but such a valuable one. We all have those days that nothing seems to fit or look good in our lives, but grateful for the grace God uses in those times to open our eyes. Listening to the Elevation song now; how have I missed this? So good!

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    1. Amen, a hard prayer in deed! And don’t worry- I missed that song for a few years too so you’re not alone! Have a beautiful day Lisa and thanks for being here 🙂


  5. No, not just talking to yourself.
    When I was younger I used to be the “there’s nothing to wear” girl with tons of clothes sprawled out on the bed, hanging in the closet, and still more in the dresser.
    Now, not so much. My thoughts flipped to “I have too many clothes, how can I scale back?”
    It’s not really that I have too much, it’s just they aren’t as important to me. I know I can use more color in my selections, black everything makes decision making so easy. 😉
    I really liked this line:
    “The Lord is more concerned with our character than our career”
    My husband has been out of work for so long I think he’s just given up. I, on the other hand, give obsessed with dollars and cents. We’re on extreme ends of the spectrum. BUT, I think both of us need to remember that our main job is to glorify God.
    I am truly blessed that God led me to your blog tonight. (Writers Wednesday via BecomingPress).

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    1. Well, hey there Sara! Thanks for your sweet comment! I won’t deny that I still end up with a pile of clothes on the bed more often than not but I think your on the right track with shifting our perspective to scaling down! It makes choices so much easier! And girl I can identify with an out of work husband and stressing about money- it’s what drove me straight into the arms of Jesus over 5 years ago. God is good at leading us out of the desert if we just surrender and let him do his thing. (Easier said than done, I know!) May there be showers of blessing on you and your family. Keep drawing close to the fountain of life- Jesus. Blessings on you Sara and thanks so much for being here ♥

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      1. Is it wrong to feel comforted by the fact that you know about unemployed husbands?
        At first, it did drive me to Jesus, then I got bitter and angry because it was taking too long. Now, with us living in different spaces God has once again got my attention. Can’t wait to see what he does next.

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  6. I have had the same problem with my closet and my career goals before too : ) You illustrate the feeling and thoughts of this really well! I love this concept “Accessories to something greater God has in store for me but has yet to reveal.” Thanks for sharing, I hope the Lord’s leading proves sweet as He shapes your character all the way!

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    1. I love how different parts of the post speak truth to each person who reads it and I thank you for your sweet comment!! ♥ Hopping over to see where the Lord is leading you in your writing! Come back and visit any time- maybe I’ll have a few things sorted out by then or at least a few more tips to share. LOL! It’s nice to know we’re in this together 🙂


  7. Girl I would jump in with you all of those career choices in a heart beat. I can so relate as you say to feeling like your looking through the store window at times but not having the means to go in and buy. A deep longing but from a distance. Somedays I wonder too that if I had the means would I be able to work out where the front door is and just because we can doesn’t mean it is where God would have us. The pondering, the frustration, the wanting to serve Him and find a creative flow is REAL. And then this that puts it all in perspective “Our number one job: to glorify God and point people to Him”. Yes and AMEN and you are doing that so beautifully Heather in each post you write. Great post friend and great encouragement xx Love that lil old Australia got a mention

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    1. Tracey I have a feeling that we would work beautifully together in any of those endeavors if we were on the same continent! 😉 Maybe God will arrange for us to partner in other ways from afar (and maybe one day even meet)! So glad to have you here dreaming and glorifying God with me in all you do. ♥♥ So grateful for friends near and far like you! ♥♥

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