Day 13 :: Getting Intentional with the Groceries…

In this grand experiment of living intentionally, I’ve been constantly learning along the way the past 13 days and it never ceases to amaze me how God keeps throwing in little things to keep me on track- like yesterday’s sermon on taking every thought captive- if that’s not intentional, I don’t know what is. So I’m ever more mindful this week how not only my actions can be intentional but also my thinking… When those two work together, there’s so much less confusion going on in my head!

After last Monday’s post lamenting the weekend run down, I thought long and hard this week and determined that something needed to change to make Sundays less jumbled. Typically after Sunday School and church, you’d find me grabbing lunch with family and heading into town to do the grocery getting for the week. In my quest to make the most use of my time the past few years, it just seemed like a good idea to use gas wisely and run errands then since we were already almost in town just by where our church is situated.

However, as simple as I would try to keep it, the list of stores would always grow and by the time I came swinging in the driveway, with my bag fulls of food, it was always pushing 5pm and then the dinner rush was on. And then the clean up and then well, then I was just plain tired. It made me long for the days when groceries were delivered to your door… and it made me contemplate how I could go to town once a month… or quarter… or year…!


image via The Graphics Fairy

Needless to say after my usual Sunday grocery and evening extravaganzas, any favorable feelings for prepping or picking up the house for the advent of Monday were long gone and I was finding myself dreading Sunday because it just felt like another work day instead of the blessed rest and worship day that it should be.

So I made a change. And may I report that even after a small detour on my way home yesterday I think I’ve found a winning combination.

Here’s what I did- I changed my grocery day to Friday afternoon. Yeah, it doesn’t sound so earth shattering, but for me, it was one big ol  ‘a-ha’ moment…

The store was a lot less crowded on a Friday at 2pm than it is on Sunday…

I came home with a plethora of food ripe for the weekend pickings ==> which made us excited to eat in, rather than out…

I was in the mood to bake on Sunday afternoon because I had what felt like (and actually was) free time ==> big win for the guys…and me because it yielded a cherry pineapple dump cake…with pecans… which may or may not have been our dinner…

I got to enjoy my house in the day light on Sunday and sit on the couch with a cookie after puttering around fall-i-fying (yep just totally made up that word…) the house with some Halloween and fall decorations (more on that later in the week hopefully..!) ==> And I didn’t feel guilty that I should be picking up some slack somewhere else.

In a nutshell it.was.glorious. And I’ll be doing everything I can to make it a habit!

:: And, speaking of new habits, tonight is week 2 of Recollected Design office hours from 6-9pm! On tap: cushion repair and planning for the Manakin Fall Festival on Sat. Nov. 1st which my best girl and I are taking part in… Will we see you there?::

How do you keep your Sundays stress free? What day is grocery day for you?

P.S. My sunflowers are still going strong!

wm sunflower 1 week

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3 thoughts on “Day 13 :: Getting Intentional with the Groceries…

  1. Linda Nuckols says:

    Hey Daughter! Love your posts this month! I always enjoyed shopping with you on Sundays, but I agree that it did make it hectic getting home so late. We’ll have to go shopping together some other day…maybe some Fridays when I get off early! Glad you had a nice day yesterday & I know the guys enjoyed the dump cake! ~ I usually get my groceries after work on my way home whenever I am running out of things. This week, I’ll probably go today or tomorrow….need to get Week 2 coupon at Food Lion! By the way, I love the sunflowers! Hope you are having a nice day! Love, Mom


    1. Heather says:

      Yeah Sundays were getting a little out of hand for me! I agree we can totally meet up some Fridays and we can still peruse Goodwill or something on a Sunday together- leisurely! Haha. Love you too!


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