Day 14 :: Embracing the Season…Intentionally…




Hallelujah. Amen.

{and all the south lets out a collective sigh of relief… well most of it, maybe…I know there are some summer lovers out there too… and that’s ok. No judging here.}


This is me in the fall…haha…! Carrying my harvest of wheat?? What is that? I don’t know… I just thought the picture was purrty…  {image via The Graphics Fairy}

As much as I like Fall, I know we are now on a crash course toward Winter… which I don’t really want to think about quite yet because I really love Fall. Snow, not so much. But Fall– man, Fall is colorful and glorious and crisp and cool. Bring me a sweater and jeans and some boots. Give me something warm to drink and let’s go pick apples! But I know change- even the change of seasons- is provided by God. And he works everything for our good.

No matter the season, we can rest in the promise that another season will follow. Winter comes after Fall and Spring faithfully appears after Winter. There are highs and lows, good times and funky times in our lives too. But there is always the promise of His new mercies each day we wake up. And there’s always a sparkle of God’s goodness just waiting to be harvested out of every difficult time.

Ask God to help you embrace the season and watch for His handiwork through it. ~ Chris Adams

It’s easy to embrace the season when we like it. The real act of faith is to learn to embrace those challenging seasons. We can’t stop the seasons from shifting or keep things that are outside of our control from changing but we can change the way we look at them…

Dreaded loneliness became treasured appointments with my Father that I looked forward to- a reminder to see change as an open door to something I might need… Because the more we see Him turn what we don’t want into a gift that we later thank Him for, the more we learn to trust Him when life doesn’t go our way. (selected from Journey Magazine)

So whether changes are welcome or not, they are coming. But God won’t let us weather them alone.

And just for fun here are some early signs of Fall around the hood…

wm impatients… Impatiens?? I don’t know… I’m not good with flowers y’all- anyone care to weigh in so I can be educated??- but these are looking pretty and standing strong in the cooler weather…

wm sky2

…a lil orange and yellow creepin’ in…
wm sky

..reds and browns and golds starting to peek through…and the sky…don’t get me started…♥

…and because I’m on a roll getting intentional with embracing the seasons in my decor as well, stay tuned for a little Halloween hoopla later on in the week… and how I’m welcoming fall in the house as well as outside of  it! Til then I’ll leave you with the rats…


What season are you embracing lately?

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7 thoughts on “Day 14 :: Embracing the Season…Intentionally…

  1. Levi Thetford says:

    Nice post, Heather. You’re Summer flowers will be beautiful until the first frost. I’m not certain how cold it gets where you are but in Ok. we cut the impatience to the ground just before the first frost and mulch them heavily. They will reemerge in the Spring. It’s about as easy to plant new ones. Just a choice since you’re a repurposer. Lol. Have a nice evening. 😀


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