30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams


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Do you ever have those dreams where you’re wandering around in your pajamas? (oh, wait that was me in my story from yesterday..) Or worse yet, in your dreams, you’re sporting your underclothes or {gasp!} nothing at all in front of a crowd?! I’ve read that these kinds of stress induced dreams point to some underlying struggle that you perceive you’re not ready for and it comes out in your subconscious.

Dreams are funny and profound like that.

Ok, maybe those aren’t exactly the kinds of dreams I’m thankful for… but I am thankful for the hopes and dreams that God gives us in the form of inspiration and how he sparks ideas within us to guide us along in our life’s path, passion and purpose.

I stumbled upon that quote above yesterday in her book, “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” in two separate unrelated places (hmmm, I’m listening…) and after reading some of the excerpts I tried to put a hold on it at my library. But because I am a little impatient and the library website said my card was out of date (!) I did what any normal person who only lives 5 minutes from the library would do…. I ordered it off of Amazon.

So while I wait 4 to 12 days for Amazon to ship me my prize, I’ll continue to ponder that quote because I really can’t get it out of my head.

Sometimes it feels like my hopes and dreams are like buried treasure. I’m taunted all the time by ideas that lay just beyond the surface waiting for me to dig in and bring them to the light.

Or are those dirt encrusted dreams waiting for God to shake off the layers of soil by some internal upheaval which will only then reveal the beauty of His plan for me?

Either way most days I’m still struggling with purpose and passion and logical job paths verses the crazy (?) notion of just stepping out of the boat toward the sound of Jesus’s voice trying to follow His heart and mine because in a perfect world they would be intertwined.

As I’m listening for the call and readying my tools I’m reassured by other inspired writings like this:

Stay busy delighting yourself in the Lord and let Him give you what He wants you to have. If God has placed the desire in you, you can be assured that HE WILL bring it to birth in the right season. Wait on God for direction and instruction on how to proceed, do what He tells you or shows you, but don’t go beyond that. ~ Joyce Meyer, New Day New You

Regardless of whatever rabbit hole I seem to jump down in hopes of grabbing hold of those elusive dreams, I’m quick to anchor myself in the thing I’m most thankful for which is the truth God buried within me – His likeness and His ways- all just waiting to be unearthed.

He will indeed come back soon to fulfill not only our wildest dreams but our eternal hope and that’s a promise worthy of all my praise.

Tell me about your dreams lately? What desire has God brought forth in you?

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Grateful Praise:: Hopes and Dreams

  1. I, too, feel like there are buried things waiting for me to give them time. Sometimes I fear losing them or running out of time, but what’s more important is that I’m obedient to Christ and trust Him to bring all good things in His time. The quotes you shared were perfect.
    (I’ve been waiting for Big Magic from my library for two weeks…Amazon could have it here in two days. Thankfully I have a stack of other readings to keep me buried until it’s available!)

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