I ♥ Jewelry… Who doesn’t? It can be a fun expression of your personality and there are so many choices. Gold or silver? Classic or rebel? Less is more? Or more is more..? You know which category I fall in..! Each day in elementary school I would choose a necklace to wear. I had no … More Charmed

A Banner Year

In 2013 I saw versions of these cute pennants everywhere… ….wait maybe that was just because I made a pile of them before my last craft show… but I just couldn’t resist..! Since I had a few leftovers after the show, they made a comeback appearance in my Christmas decorations and as some gifts…! So … More A Banner Year

Christmas Pinterest

Last minute gift ideas? Still don’t know what to make for Grandma? Is it too late at this point? I have been known to still be hot glue-ing my little heart out on midnight Christmas Eve…! Sometimes inspiration doesn’t fully develop until the last.possible.minute… at least in my experience…! Worst case scenario, here are some … More Christmas Pinterest

Christmas Wrappings

Ready or not… here it comes…! Christmas is {gasp!} less than one week away…! Deep breaths…! So usually I’m more on the not ready side… This year I have decked my halls and I am ready…but really only in that one respect…shopping…not a chance! It’s not by my own doing however… I have to give … More Christmas Wrappings