The Art of the Craft…

So today, I can finally say I am recovered from the weekend! A full of fun weekend that started with a football game and some last minute prep for a craft show, followed by a Saturday of selling plus visits from family and friends and a shopping excursion, and ending on Sunday with church, the grocery store, a birthday party and finally breakfast for dinner with a catch up on last week’s episode of Nashville……. I’m tired all over again just typing that! Hold on while I take a quick nap….

For those of you who do craft or vintage shows full time, I high five you and wonder how do you find/make/clean/pack/merchandise your goods without losing your grip on reality/cleanliness of your home/good mood??? Inquiring minds would like to know….!

For me, there is still much learning to be done even after 3 years! I am merely a beginner wanting to play with the big girls, but every year I give it a shot at least once at the most non-threatening of places, my church’s annual Fall Festival and Craft Sale.

Behold my attempt at this year’s space…..

....."it looks very country over here..." as stated by my best girl....
…..”it looks very country over here…” a direct quote from my best girlfriend….

And looking at the pics today I can see that it sort of does…! And all along I thought I was going for a fresh, vintage, collected look! I’m betting all the wood was the culprit…!

I’m digging the varying heights, neutral lace curtain turned table cloth, chalkboard sign pricing, pennant display, and custom Recollected Design signage.

I’m not so in love with the all the wood, the Christmas tree (really there’s a tree holding up those stockings…!) the fact that although the close line idea is cute, the aprons kind of get lost, and did I mention all that wood….!

But all I can do is take note of what worked and what didn’t and try again next time. Design, like life, is a lot of trial and error and live and learn sometimes. Besides I’m a lot closer to what I’m aspiring to than how the display came out last year….

.....craftiness circa 2012
…..craftiness circa 2012

And most definitely an improvement over the inaugural year of 2011…

....i smile because I have no idea what I'm about to get into....!
….i smile because I have no idea what I’m about to get into….!

It’s an obsession I tell you– the making and selling and marketing of things. It’s fun!….It’s thrilling!…. It’s exhausting!! I think I suffer from Crafting A.D.D. too….! In the past 3 years I’ve moved from zip pouches and aprons to slip covering to revamping vintage fabric and other items into new creations. But it’s all good and I’ve made some really cool things along the way, met some awesome people, and learned some great lessons.

So for future reference for me and for any other sellers of cute stuff:

  • varied display heights = interesting and pleasing to the eye
  • try to have something that draws people over to your booth— the record bowls and scrabble magnets were probably picked up by every man, woman and child there! that’s the key though- get people to stop!
  • neutral backdrops make your items stand out… how you doin’?
  • cohesive colors on your display props and shelves are a plus…..but unless your goods marry well with the cabin in the woods vibe, skip the wood tones….
  • just like high heel shoes, a little height is sexy! Use that vertical display space effectively (I loved borrowing that chalkboard from church, I just wish it would fold up to fit in my truck….!)
  • and last but not least- for heaven sakes, smile! Be willing to share with people and above all don’t worry too much about your competition- just find your passion and make what you love!

I’m always open to hearing your crafty tips too! What things have you learned about display and design?

Happy Wednesday everybody : )

Decorating A.D.D.

....if I love this tree, does it make me a squirrel???
….if I love this tree, does it make me a squirrel???

If you looked into my brain you would probably find a squirrel- All hyped up running to and fro……pick this, bury this, catch this…it just.never.stops! One thing leads to another in my mind and I usually end up flipping around avoiding the big trucks while running back and forth between tasks…

My house kinda looks like a whole squirrel family lives there sometimes too. Piles of things over here to sell, a pile of fabric over there to finish a project, piles of precious “acorns” stashed away to use and remake into something wonderful at a later date! I have awesome ideas, but I’m always working on the focus and follow through! Kind of a Decorating Attention Deficit Disorder if you will…! And somehow, I don’t think I’m alone!

There’s just so many things I’m interested in and love to do- and there’s so many ways to decorate, so many things I could make and so many decisions to be made that sometimes I can get a little decision paralysis going on too! From a squirrel to a deer caught in the headlights in 6.8 seconds….. So that’s when I have to step back and think what’s my purpose? What’s really important?

When all my human reasoning, scheduling, decision making abilities and planning fails, I Seek God. Breathe. Walk away from it and come back later. Focus on somebody else. And pretty much every time, He provides the answer.

….Now if I could just receive some enlightenment on the window covering situation in the living room my husband would be a happy man! Are there any things or decisions you’re feeling ‘squirrel-ly’ about lately?

Thanks for stopping by : )

Welcome y’all!

So hey!! I’m new here, but I do want to welcome you to the blog– don’t mind the mess…. it’s a work in progress…. like me… like my house….like my hair sometimes…! I’m starting this new venture and hoping you’ll come along for the ride.

blog header 10_13
(Ok. So, imagine this image up there… at the top as the header….)

Some things I hope to have in store for the blog (besides learning how to tweak this header….!)

  • Awesome design tips and fun revamped projects that everyone can do
  • Devotions and inspirational posts to inspire, transform and revive your home, heart and mind
  • Quick tricks, strategies and stories for creating a happy home and life

I also may throw in a recipe from time to time. I like to keep it interesting….! Oh, and pretty pictures…. though they may not be all mine at first….( see my About Me page….)

Come back soon! And thanks for reading!