When Nothing Fits {part 2}

{for part one, click here… seems I had a lot to say on the same topic 2 years ago…!} Some mornings I stand in front of the closet for way too long contemplating what to wear. It’s not that nothing fits, it’s just that nothing seems to fit together. I tell myself I’m lacking someContinue reading “When Nothing Fits {part 2}”

The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner

It’s Sunday morning circa 1987 and I can see my Grandma Rue, standing at the stove in a flowered smock dolloping hush puppy batter into hot oil. Other simmering pots hold collards and a picnic shoulder, green beans, butter beans and potatoes. On some visits, mom goes with Granddaddy to church. Growing up in tobacco territory, myContinue reading “The Lost Art of Sunday Dinner”

Fashioning a Life of Wisdom

As I pulled on my awkward snow boots last week- the ones that gave me blisters in Niagara Falls all those years ago but I have yet to replace- I thought about the dark purple and grey fur lined pair I wore everywhere when I was a kid. Spring, fall, winter, summer- it didn’t matter. TheyContinue reading “Fashioning a Life of Wisdom”

Cultivating the Treasures of a New Year

Against better judgment, I paid the nice lady two dollars for the pitiful thing at an estate sale last fall. Contained in a tiny red pot I carted this forlorn Christmas cactus home forgetting that I do not possess the greenest of thumbs. Remember the Mother’s Day orchid? How about the hydrangea bush languishing in the front yard? OneContinue reading “Cultivating the Treasures of a New Year”

How Did Christmas Find You?

When I was little our church had the most magnificent Christmas tree I’d ever seen. With the tallest of the men on 12 foot ladders I still don’t know how they reached the top. Decorating stretched into the evening as children eager with anticipation for the adults to finish stringing lights (so many lights…) waited for the realContinue reading “How Did Christmas Find You?”