Color Changing Words

Somewhere beneath the piles – paper flowers, dusty estate sale trinkets, granny’s hankies, mounds of junk jewelry, musty trunks, too many pieces of dark furniture and odds and ends patiently waiting to be chalk painted – you’ll find me. I’ll be the one looking harried, covered in glue, some ink and a whole lot of sandingContinue reading “Color Changing Words”

How to Own the Business of Being You

Planted just near the end of my evening stroll with a wide board walk stoop and tin roof stands an old nameless building. In a former life it may have served as a gas station given it’s wide bay door off to the side but driving by now, one would hardly find it a refreshing oasis onContinue reading “How to Own the Business of Being You”

A Promising Shelter in the Storm

Almost every night the past few weeks my walk had been preempted by sudden showers making me, well, cranky. Watching the radar like a hawk revealed a slight chance of being caught in a pop-up down pour this night but I was willing to take it. Getting outside this year has been my saving grace. I commune with nature,Continue reading “A Promising Shelter in the Storm”

How to Be Done with Distraction

Thump! I winced and hoped the noise was just a coincidence following what I just saw out of the corner of my eye. A quick check in the rear view mirror confirmed my sinking suspicions: There was now one more bunny in that great borough in the sky. True to form it all happened in aContinue reading “How to Be Done with Distraction”

What Grace Sounds Like

I pondered the words of the old familiar hymn and repeated them over in my head but couldn’t get past the first line: Amazing grace how sweet the sound. I know that song ten ways from Sunday but the idea that grace had a sound was striking to me. What does grace sound like? If it’s sweetContinue reading “What Grace Sounds Like”