Those Days, This Day and That Day…

Well, here we are again! Whew! Monday did me in, but now it’s Tuesday. More importantly it’s Today. Maybe it was lack of sleep or lack of food. Lack of exercise or just too much weekend which can make a Monday bittersweet…but another big factor that tends to get the best of me is when I find myself living in the past (woulda, coulda, shoulda) or the future (when am I gonna…??) Oh, you too? Misery does love company you know…

There are two days in my calendar: This day and that Day.”― Martin Luther

This day is what we have to work with in the present. Where we are right now. That day is the glorious day when Jesus comes back. All other days are inconsequential.

this day

But sometimes I remake this verse into: “This is the day I created…. I will complain and be dissatisfied in it…”

I’m mighty guilty of sometimes acting more like a grumbling Israelite than my humble Jesus…

But there’s redemption.

So I start here:

Today is Beautiful by David Dunn

And if that’s not enough, I add this….

Fix My Eyes by For King and Country

And I realize with God I lack nothing.

It’s all Good.

I can write all this {and really believe it!} after a good night’s sleep… after a short morning workout… after enough protein in my lunch and after a savory piece of dark chocolate…. It’s true even without having all those things but if I’m really into guarding my heart, it starts with taking care of basic needs. Rest. Food. Movement.

And all else will fall into it’s proper place.

Happy “Today” Everybody!

6 thoughts on “Those Days, This Day and That Day…

  1. austinjules says:

    I am enjoying your blog. I truly appreciated the perspective you brought on “this day” and it being what we are given to work with. Sometimes I get too caught up in yesterday or someday that I miss out on living “this day” to the fullest. Great reminder. I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    1. Heather says:

      aww Thanks so much! : ) It is super easy to forget that today is all we’re promised and we need to live it purposefully which means being present in it and ready to do the work right!? Have a wonderful Wednesday and thanks so much for your sweet comment and for following! ♥


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