The Shop! …& Technical Difficulties

Well hello there again…!  It’s Friday!…Technically for a few more hours at least… well, for just over an hour…but who’s counting…

And for all you lovely people who have been waiting with baited breath (HI Mom….!) for the Etsy shop opening…


I’m throwing caution to the wind and  lettin’ her rip…

These technical things take time however (this being my first Etsy rodeo I’m still learning…) and although it’s up and running, there’s a lot of refinement yet to happen… I apologize in advance for any spelling errors, missing dimensions, or lack of shop banners or info… it’s a challenge keeping my fingers and brain operating coherently..

More often than not, I’m my own worst technical difficulty!  

I have realized a few things this week though: one, I’m not superwoman and I cannot do all things (…thankfully I’m not alone!)….two, I need to multiply x 5 whatever time I think it will take to accomplish a task associated with this little shop project of mine…. and three, sometimes an idea really is cuter/funnier/better in my head than in reality— but even if it feels like a failure, it’s not, it’s just learning how not to do something!

All that being said, I do want to roll out what I have so far to you my loyal friends + family since I promised a Friday treat and I hope to pretty it up and round it out as the weekend goes on. (The boy arrives home tomorrow so there may be breaks for swashbuckling stories- their mission site was near the beach- and a fair amount of laundry and de-sanding of things…) So let’s liken this Etsy endeavor to a butterfly… I’d say right now it’s in it’s cute fuzzy catepillar stage….

etsy collage august

I love all the “experienced merchandise” (things from days gone by…) because those items remind me of Andy and Opie and Aunt Bee… but sadly I cannot keep all.the.things so I’m offering them to you. Other items have been reclaimed and reworked into new things- some with a retro flair because apprently you can take the girl out of the vintage market but you can’t take the vintage market out of the girl…

So there you have it… in all it’s vintage, retro, and miscellaneous glory… I hope you enjoy looking around…It’s a little like putting another small piece (pieces??) of myself out there… a collection of some of my favorite things curated and recreated for you. It’s not perfect, but rather a huge work in progress…just like we all are!

Until next time, enjoy this butterfly who was fellowshipping with our mimosa tree last week and have a beautiful weekend!


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