Oh Deer


How could I resist those big doe eyes….I named him Rufus before I got home, then was informed by my guys that Rufus looks like a girl…

hmm..I guess he does a little…! Rufus-ette..? I’ll get back to ya on that one…!

Our new little friend hails from the local consignment store up the road from our house, Janet’s Treasures. She was very nice to have a 50% off Christmas decor sale the weekend before Christmas. I was naughty and went into to see what I could see instead of going home to get ready for a birthday party…! But it only  set me back a few minutes and 65 cents…! Two coffee mugs and a velvet deer from the 50s for under a buck and I’m sold..!

I’m all for bright and shiny, but I also have a pull towards the well loved and cast off… I just can’t help myself. I love a treasure hunt that ends in a good deal ..! The way I figure it, the bible tells us to be good stewards so this is just one of many ways I can watch my pennies. I also love being able to breathe new life into old and forgotten treasures- sometimes all it takes is just a little polish and shine, other times it gets transformed into something brand new. In either case, it reminds me of what Jesus does with us. No matter how old or beat up we feel, there’s always hope for a new life through our Savior.

This is my passion, I’d love to hear yours!

Happy Hopeful Thrifting this weekend y’all..!

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