iPhones, Cowgirls & Light boxes, Oh My!

Friends I have a nifty trick to share for your iPhone…!

So the other day, I wanted to trace this cute cowgirl:


but it was hard to see the outline under the tracing paper… so as I’m sitting at my work desk…which happens to be one of those modern frosted glass and metal leg beasts, the thought hit me wouldn’t it be great if this thing was a light box… wait… if I only had a lamp to put under it…it would be pretty close to being one…

As I glance around my office my eye lands on my phone– which has a nifty flashlight feature… aha! Laid it on my lap right under the desktop shining up, and it worked perfect! Instant light box!

Maybe you have a glass coffee table or patio table at home and could use the same trick. You could even use a piece of glass out of a frame raised up on your table and set your iPhone flashlight underneath. You no longer have to wish you had a light box if you need to trace something!

Oh and if you’re wondering what the cowgirl tracing turned out to be… here she is…


I think she needs a name…Any suggestions..?

Happy Tracing : )

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