The Thirty-Seven Things…

Merry Day After everybody! How was your Christmas? Ours was great! A little rocky start with a flour faux pas (…yeah you can’t have homemade biscuits without flour…thank goodness for obscure country gas station markets that happen to have Christmas hours…and carry flour!) but it ended up nicely with some snuggling on the couch and watching the movie “Love Crazy” starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. There’s just something about black and white movies..!


Now that the official day is over, I can share some of my thrifty gifting secrets! Thrifty gifting…ha…I’m a poet and don’t know it!… Sorry, I digress…!

Last weekend, I was on a mission to find cute non bank breaking items to put together for co-worker gifts and a few other last minute presents so I bounced into our local Goochland County Family Services thrift store, The Clothes Closet, and found my self smack dab in the middle of the mythical bag sale…! If you’ve never had the pleasure, let me enlighten you, they hand you a grocery bag and say all you can fit for $5…!  For big spenders there’s a large black garbage bag available for $10..! Friends you would be amazed at what you can shove in a brown paper bag…! I myself fit 37 things…! I had some criteria to meet though, remember I was on a mission..!

Here’s what was on my radar:

pretty coffee mugs
festive boxes/containers
vintage linens/doilies/hankies, etc.
kiddo stuff
anything else that spoke to me and screamed anybody else’s name on my list…!

So what did I end up with…

photo 2
…these awesome frames…
photo 3
…these cups, saucers and random castle plates in the background…
...a guitar playing angel bell
…a guitar playing angel bell
photo 5
…and these mugs— this was after I filled them of course…I know greatness when I see it so I borrowed this idea from here.

Items not pictured (…because I wrapping stuff before I remembered to take a picture for this post…!) were kids quiz cards, hot wheels still in the package, a book by a local author, an angel ornament, a pink swirly glass cup, a small square white metal box, about 20 blue shiny plastic ornaments, 2 crocheted doilies, a vintage hanky and a partridge in a pear tree…! Ok scratch the partridge I was just pulling your leg…!

Do not despise the deal of the second hand shop bag sale!! The best thing is I took care of a lot of random last minute gifts without breaking the bank. Plus it benefited a local county service organization. Sometimes keeping it local and thrifty is the way to go and way more fun because it lends a uniqueness to your gift giving and decorating.

And as always my Christmas preparations ended with a few undone things…

I really wanted to make these Thin Mint Truffles

and put them on these…

...random plates to match the teacups above...
…random plates to match the teacups above…

… and take them to my sisters-in-law, because who wouldn’t want to receive an antique turquoise rimmed china plate filled with mint truffles…!

Oh wait, just me..? hmm..

But… it was not meant to be..! I always have plenty of time… right up until the time that I realize I don’t…and sacrifices are made… so sorry truffles…! The plus side though is that I get to keep those purrty plates just a while longer..! But they will have to leave sooner or later… maybe I can start a new color tradition…green mint truffles on turquoise plates for Valentine’s? Who’s in…?

Have a beautiful day everyone!

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