When We Forget to Remember

A few weeks ago, I had my eyes checked because my contacts were giving me a fit. Every so often for no apparent reason my right eye would just freak out like an eyelash or piece of dust or mac truck had fallen in it and no amount of eye drops or changing contacts or downgrading to my glasses would do the trick.

After a thorough exam my precious doc hooked me up with a new trial pair of contact lenses that were about 10 times more “breathable” than my current ones- which was wonderful since the painful twitchy itch seemed to have stopped, but the new deal was that they were a little blurry and my eyes were having a field day trying to focus.

After the first few hours of wearing them I wasn’t sure I could make it. But in recalling our conversation as he was checking the fit, I remembered his remark about an orientation line and once I paid attention to where that mark was while putting them in, hallelujah the blurriness was gone. A follow up visit to confirm the fit and place my order and I’m on my way except that all week I can’t seem to remember to go pick them up.

Just call me ten second Tom.

But there’s hope for me yet I think…


I’ll probably need some big time reprogramming in my brain but this verse just spoke to me a few nights ago and I can’t get it out of my head (which is actually a good thing.) It’s the model for what should be rolling around in my mind- not the stuff that habitates there currently like fear, discouragement, worry or any of their ugly co-conspirators.

I can remember all the wonderful things the Lord has done in my life when the weather and the outlook are gloomy and progress feels slow.

I can recall the great things God did throughout the bible when it feels like everything I’m hoping for is impossible. He parted seas and raised the dead. Turned water to wine and fed folks with crumbs.

I can fill my thoughts with victories the Lord has given me, not tally up defeats.

I can ponder every marvelous color, sight, word and deed that speak kindness and show a beautiful creator at work.

Or I can replay all the negatives on one continuous draining loop.

The choice really is mine.

This week has been challenging. It’s rainy. And apparently I don’t do well with that kind of precipitation either…

I’ve come off the sadness of friends losing a child but I’ve reveled in the blessing of two new precious little ones in our extended family. I’m faced with health concerns of a pet but I’ve marveled in the power and peace of praying together with a friend. I’ve been low on chances to exercise because opportunities for work and worship keep popping up but I’ve been high on the mountain of experiencing the wonder of a Savior who rose again (while also being buried under mountains of chocolate because of Easter.)

rehearsing troubles

So I go back to the verses in Psalms. I rehearse the positive things I want to remember. I focus on my big God and not my perceived “big” problems that cloud my view.

And while I still have breath and life I will remember. I will recall. I will think and I will meditate on the one most important thing- my Lord because in time he will make everything clear.

How do you stay focused when everything around you feels blurry?

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8 thoughts on “When We Forget to Remember

  1. I like that last quote. That is so true. I actually wrote something about that too. We relive things because we think about them often.

    When we feel hopeless, it’s always a good idea (and a great help) to think about our past triumphs especially those which we thought were impossible at first. It gives us a boost and brand new hope.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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  2. Stopping over from Coffee For Your Heart. Great perspectives. Whenever we are worried or sad it is so helpful to look back on our lives and to remember God’s faithfulness. Well said, my friend!

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  3. Heather,
    Oh this is great insight! Our perceived big problems or challenges are nothing compared to the great big God we know! I often play defeating thoughts in one continuous loop too, but I have seen improvement in this just this week when I was just about to lose hope — and I know it’s true for you too! And I hope you get the new contacts — and a few sunny days ahead (instead of rain) to see some new things you haven’t noticed before! xoxo

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    1. Thanks sweet lady! I’m glad you’re still holding onto hope! And yes a little light shed on the situation should help enormously!! : ) Have an awesome weekend friend!


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